Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau prompts four types of scams during the epidemic, including investment and financial fraud based on the concept of "blockchain"

Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau recently issued a notice to mobilize the deployment of "3.15" consumer rights protection education and publicity week activities throughout the industry. During the national anti-epidemic period, some criminals took the idea of ​​the epidemic and implemented new types of financial fraud. Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau reminds consumers that while they are doing a good job of personal health protection, they must also be vigilant and beware of "four types" of scams.

The first is low-interest loan fraud. For example, use "outbreak loan" scams.

The second is investment and financial fraud. For example, using the "blockchain" concept of fraud. "There were also high returns during the epidemic." In view of the characteristics of public epidemic prevention at home and the general availability of information through the Internet or mobile phones, criminals use the concept of "blockchain" to issue virtual currencies such as Coronaviruscoin, and claim that the funds raised are used to construct masks, protective clothing factories overseas, or It is used for research and production of coronavirus vaccines and promises high returns to cheat victims' money.

The third is information theft. For example, the use of scams to purchase anti-epidemic materials. Fourth, illegal fund-raising fraud. For example, use "sales rebates" scams. Beijing Banking Regulatory Commission reminded consumers to do four "shoulds" and achieve four "rejections" to avoid falling into the trap of fraud.