Strix Leviathan founder: several factors related to miners suggest further decline in BTC

According to CryptoSlate, Jesse Proudman, founder of Seattle-based crypto hedge fund Strix Leviathan, recently considered several simple factors related to miners that could mean that the current sell-off is far from over: "Bitcoin miners will face: Halved in about 62 days; the ability to obtain loans or equity capital became restricted; the balance sheets of other investments were emptied. Would you also tell me about the bullish outlook for the next 60 days? Anyway, the S2F model cannot convince me. "

The opposite view of this analysis is that although Bitcoin's inflation rate will fall from 3.66% to about 1.8%, demand will remain unchanged or increase, thus becoming a catalyst for price growth. However, it will take quite some time to see the effect, and in the weeks before and after the halving, Bitcoin may fall further significantly.