15 million traffic support, 50% high dividends! Babbitt launches industry's first live Queen recruitment plan

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Introduction of "Queen Carrying the Queen"

"Chain" brings the queen of goods to share good science and technology.

"The Queen with Cargo on the Chain" is a live broadcast with cargo created by Babbitt. The program invites the 10 most popular female KOLs in the blockchain industry as moderators to work with companies with both brands and quality to interpret high-quality hot products in the industry, share science and technology, and promote industry development.

Each issue of "The Queen with Cargo on the Chain" will be live-streamed with 90-120 minutes of live video in the form of a live video. Program highlights: The first live broadcast with goods in the circle, KOL help out, rare global limited edition, lottery interactive, lowest on the entire network, professional, humorous, amateur evaluation, chain star friendship guest appearances, etc.

The resident host of the live broadcast room was Jia Xiaobei, the initiator of "The Queen on the Chain", and her partner host was selected by online voting. So, the host of "Queen on Goods" began to recruit!


What do you get when you become the host of "Queen on Goods"?

  Up to 50% profit sharing : On average, 30% of the live broadcast sales profit will be given to the host, and up to 50% of the single live broadcast sales profit.

1500W traffic exposure: 6 pre-heating channels: Babbitt Information official website, Babbitt APP pop-up window, Babbitt Weibo, chain node community, friends circle poster, Babbitt community, etc.

5 major live broadcast platforms: Yun Xi, Yi Live, Douyin, Live B Station, Douyu, etc.

5 major review platforms: Babbitt Information Public Account, Babbitt Weibo, Babbitt Official Website, Tencent Video, B Station.

Embedding of your own brand: You can let your surrounding works enter, or you can give your own gifts in the program.


What you need to do to become the host of "The Queen on the Chain"

1 The beauty parameters are pulled to the maximum to start the live broadcast, interact with the guests, and be beautiful until the end of the live broadcast.

2 Occasionally come up with ideas to fill the loopholes we plan.

3 Roar with us in the circle of friends, the community, and Weibo during the preheating of the live broadcast.


Participation in the recruitment requirements for the host of "Queen on Goods"

1 Are you a cool or beautiful woman; a humorous handsome man? We are also very welcome.

2 Have a certain understanding of the blockchain, have certain insights and appreciation of the product.

3 You can be a mouthful's answerer, or a relentless grim killer.

4 As long as you have a lot of traffic, no one will refuse.



Registration start time: 20:00, March 10, 2020

End time: 12:00, March 14, 2020

Online voting time: 12:00, March 14, 2020-00:00, March 17, 2020

Time of announcement: 17:00, March 17, 2020

Announcement platform: Babbitt Information Website, Babbitt Weibo, Babbitt WeChat Public Account


How to participate in the host registration of "Queen on the Chain"?

1Click or copy the link to fill in the form to register: https://www.wjx.cn/jq/63262649.aspx

2 Scan code and fill in the form to register:

15 million traffic support, 50% high dividends! Babbitt launches industry's first live Queen recruitment plan 15 million traffic support, 50% high dividends! Babbitt launches industry's first live Queen recruitment plan

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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