Binance: STEEM participating in voting has completed the "downgrade", and Staking proceeds will be issued to STEEM holders

On March 10, Binance issued an announcement to the Steemit community, saying that Binance has always maintained a neutral attitude and has no intention to participate in on-chain governance outside the Binance ecosystem. At present, Binance has completed the "Power Down" operation on the 31.73 million STEEMs participating in the voting, and obtained a total of 24,692 STEEM staking benefits through a 7-day pledge, which is valued at approximately $ 5,086. The proceeds will be All allocated to users who hold STEEM on Binance platform at the time of voting. On the basis of the normal upgrade / fork, Binance participated in the voting. After receiving feedback from the Steemit community, the vote was cancelled.