US stocks opened: three major stock indexes rose across the board, only one of the stocks in the blockchain fell

US stocks opened, the three major stock indexes rose across the board. The Dow quickly rose over 800 points at the beginning of the session. Oil stocks generally rebounded. Western oil rose over 23%, Halliburton rose over 17%, Royal Dutch Shell A rose over 9%, and Schlumberger rose over 10%. Auto stocks opened higher. The S & P 500 index opened up 93.20 points, or 3.39%, to 2,839.74 points; the Nasdaq index opened up 285.50 points, or 3.59%, to 8261.16 points; the Dow Jones index opened 859.00 points, or 3.60%, to 2,4710.01 points.

Only one stock in the US listed blockchain fell. Canaan Technology rose 6.51%, rose 10.28, Siku rose 7.56%, Xunlei rose 4.78%, Cheetah Mobile rose 1.47%, Lanting gathered momentum to fall 6.442%, and China Network's load line rose 0.66%.