Market Analysis: USDT Open and BTC Independent Market

A talk currency:

In the past two days, the market started the USDT market. The market has risen loudly. Tomorrow, the big B network will be trialed. Akong believes that the climax of the USDT market will be ushered in this evening.

BTC rebounded as scheduled, with the price of USDT plummeting, the price of big B network has reached a new high, why the price of big B network led the market significantly. There are two explanations, one is that the large B network is limited by the coin, and many people use the USDT to buy BTC safely. One is that some people have suggested that the big B network is buying BTC with the over-the-counter USDT and then transferring it to other platforms to cash out. The reason is that tomorrow’s trial, the New York Attorney General’s trial of the big B network executives, frozen the big B network of 850 million US dollars. If the case is established, it will become the second door market.

Here, Akong will reorganize this big B network freeze market. First, the big B network develops the USDT currency, occupying a stable currency.

Everyone knows that the stable currency is the Fed of the currency circle. Every move will have an impact on the price of the currency. The New York Procuratorate has found that the USDT has been over-issued, which means that the USDT is not converted into US dollars by 1:1, and 26% of the funds are missing. Corresponding to the Wall Street futures trading volume climbing, the institutional short position against the trend to increase positions, the position reached the historical peak, this time the New York Procuratorate directly frozen the big B network 850 million. Then Big B net directly transferred from the platform wallet to the $180 million BTC and ETH, and then transferred a number of tens of millions of USDT transfers.

Merlin, the big B network executive, directly stated that if this matter is not resolved, BTC will fall below $1,000.

Then the classic scene came, the USDT price fell sharply, and the miners and other funds could only change the USDT to BTC in order to avoid the USDT thunder, and then short the BTC hedging.

At this time, the short positions rose linearly, and the long-short ratio reached a record low. Then the price bottomed out, BTC rose sharply, and the price of the currency rose.

Akong last talked about the trend of USDT violent thunder, divided into three stages:

In the first stage, USDT appeared to be thundering expectations. The market was panicked. The USDT in the hand was replaced by BTC, and the short-term price of the currency was quickly pulled up.

In the second phase, the price of USDT rebounded rapidly, and then the market bottomed out and walked out of the short-term market.

In the third stage, the USDT shock consolidation, the price of the currency fell sharply.

Corresponding to the current USDT price trend, the USDT is currently at the end of the second phase, that is, the end of the compensatory increase, the USDT begins to oscillate and the overall market will fall sharply.

During this period, the Big B network tightened the time window and hoped to use IE0 to make up for the deficit gap. The two days are doing platform currency financing. The two-day big B-network case will gradually push forward, and the USDT market will lead to the climax.

You will find that the USDT price has continued to level off and has not returned to the original price. Akong believes that Big B has abandoned the USDT front line and focused on the big B network platform.

Because the USDT and the B network are tied to a ship, as long as the big B network is still alive, if you have the money to pay the USDT, you can pay the dollar by 1:1.

That is to say, USDT has the possibility of second violent thunder at any time. Once USDT is thundering again, the price will plummet rapidly, and the price of the currency will rise to a high price. According to the last violent market, it will rise 20% within half an hour. The current price of BTC can be directly pushed up to 7,000 US dollars.

In this process, the mainstream currency will not go up with the trend, but will fall against the trend, because no matter how the USDT price changes, the market total market value will not be affected by the UDST, and after the thunder, there will often be a cash withdrawal, funds Will go crazy.

But everyone will be staring at the price of BTC, which is like the continuous increase and stop of CNPC in the stock market, and the rest of the stocks bucked the trend.

Akong believes that the time and node for determining the thunderstorm are in the hands of the B network, but no matter how the USDT market develops, it is a game of stock funds.

When the BTC rises, the mainstream currency will fluctuate, and the BTC will start to pull back. The mainstream currency will fall sharply. This is why Akong has been emphasizing the short-selling exchange rate. The high point is either selling goods or shorting the spot.

Akong chose to do more BTC, short the mainstream currency, give BTC time and space to perform, waiting for the USDT case to detonate the annual market.


The last time I talked to Akong, BTC did not have a large number of open positions, and the latter will be dominated by BTC long positions.

The USDT price continued to fall, and the BTC continued its strong market. Akong believes that it is not the time to short the BTC. Only the short-term needle movement of the currency price will end this round of USDT market, and the BTC will lead the market to the turning point.

Short-term bottoming rebounded, once again hit the top resistance level, then BTC rose to test $5,826.

Resistance level: 5826, 5855, 5930

Support level: 5685,5632,5595


The volume of the currency has risen, breaking through the key point of the $5 box, and it is necessary to step back on the upper edge of the box.

The $4.98 below is the key point of the EOS box, which has a long-term support for the currency price. Akong believes that EOS will step back on supporting key points and shock the bottom.

The short-term contraction shocked, overbought and fell back, and then EOS bottomed out at $4.98.

Resistance levels: 5.11, 5.13, 5.18

Support level: 4.98, 4.94, 4.91


The price of the currency has risen with the short-term uptrend of the mainstream currency, reaching $169 again, at the key M position of 4.21.

You will find that the ETH daily line can not increase the volume with the rebound market, indicating that it will continue to shrink and fluctuate, waiting for the BTC to change.

The upper 170.8 US dollars fell back, the short-selling effect on the currency price, and the short-term continued to shrink and fluctuate.

The price of the currency was overbought and the ETH shocked to the bottom of $167.4.

Resistance level: 169.5, 170.3, 172.5

Support level: 167.4, 165.2, 164.4


The price of the currency has not been accompanied by a short-term rise, and the amount can be amplified, indicating that it is still in a turbulent trend. The top of the $298.3 is topped down and the shock is bottomed out.

Below the 288.5 US dollars, the role of the long-term support for the price of the currency, Akong believes that BCH is waiting for the BTC to complete the breakthrough trend, only BTC completed the needle to fall back, in order to turn around and bottom out.

Short-term contraction finishing, then BCH bottoming out at $291.7.

Resistance level: 297.3, 300.2, 303.2

Support level: 291.7, 285.2, 283.4


The small currency continued the weak trend, and the platform hotspot ATOM led the market. The platform currency represented by BNB peaked and the mainstream currency led the market.

Akong believes that BTC will continue to climb, the small currency continues the weak market, the mainstream currency has increased in short-term fluctuations, and today it is rapidly rising and strengthening before and after the delivery time, and will follow the weakening of the small currency.

The market is at the turning point of the USDT market, and tomorrow will usher in the trial market of the big B network, which will inevitably have an impact on the short-term, and the short-term fluctuations will increase, often double-explosive.

At this time, we must adhere to the spot operation, rallies to lighten up, do more BTC, short the mainstream currency exchange rate operation principle, to short the mainstream currency.

In the trend, once the BTC sharply pulls back, the mainstream currency will fall sharply, and the annual decline will occur again.

Author: God empty block chain