Shanghai fintech companies use blockchain and other technologies to support epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development

According to the China Securities Network, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Financial Work Bureau on March 10 that Shanghai fintech companies have made full use of the unique advantages of the integrated development of finance and technology to actively support epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Among them, Wanxiang Blockchain and Wanxiang Trust have used blockchain technology to create a “Wanxiang Charity Trust Account Management Platform”, which stores key documents and assets of donor accounts, and enables historical traceability of the time of events. . In addition, China UnionPay combined with the scenarios of resumption of work and production during the epidemic, and used digital signatures, timestamps, and blockchain technology to provide comprehensive solutions for online contract signing, approval, and signing to entities, which have been promoted to the Shanghai Housing Leasing Association, Shenzhen The Housing and Urban Construction Bureau and other units were used on a trial basis.