Opinion: Coronaviruses will not have a significant impact on the crypto market

As the virus spreads to New York, many banks are evacuating employees. Some of the world's largest banks are already considering restructuring or layoffs to combat the spread of the virus, while others plan to relocate to other locations to continue their operations. CNN issued a statement saying that JP Morgan Chase divided its sales and trading teams into different offices, while Bank of America also divided its fixed income and stock trading teams into different offices. According to people familiar with the matter, Goldman Sachs traders will also work remotely for some time. In addition, Deutsche Bank and HSBC also allow some employees to work remotely. At the same time, although many large crypto exchanges have physical locations, most transactions and operations are conducted online or can be switched to online. As a result, the crypto community can be confident that coronaviruses and the like will not have a significant impact on the market.