President of Beijing Automobile Logistics Chamber of Commerce: Proposed the use of blockchain to record and upload the self-organized behavior of social self-rescue

In order to improve the emergency logistics system in the capital, Tian Ming, a member of the China Civil Construction Association, chairman of the Beijing Automobile Logistics Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of Haoming Internet of Things Co., Ltd. proposed the establishment of an information and data sharing platform. With the help of the Internet, an orderly and large-scale tool platform for professional fields is established, and blockchain technology is used to clearly record and chain the self-organizing behavior of the entire society, making the entire society open and transparent. Integrate production, distribution, procurement, logistics, and socially available materials into a shared platform, grasp the types, quantity, and distribution of adjustable materials in real time, perform unified deployment based on the needs of the disaster situation, and automatically issue disaster relief passes through the network to reduce No intermediate links are necessary. The information platform can be integrated into the national emergency support network, and it can also respond to the support of other provinces and cities in a timely manner.