ICT Group organizes 2019 advance plan of trusted blockchain and proposes ten test observations

The China Academy of Information and Communication Technology today released the article "Observation and Analysis of Alliance Chain Technology Testing", which summarizes the functional testing, performance testing, BaaS testing, and vertical industry testing carried out in the trusted blockchain promotion plan in 2019. Big test observations: 1. In terms of the underlying architecture, independent innovation has gradually attracted attention from the industry; 2. The development path of consensus algorithms has gradually become clear; 3. Support for multi-mode databases and ledger expansion has become a hot spot; 4. Encryption algorithms and private key management, national secret Proportion increases, and private key management gradually becomes richer; 5. Smart contracts continue to evolve steadily and have a trend of diversified development; 6. Alliance chain governance, efficient governance has become an important exploration direction; 7. Privacy protection-related strategies are becoming more comprehensive; 8. Cross-chain It has become a new hotspot of technology and requires continuous research to seek breakthroughs; 9. Performance testing, using self-developed testing tools Trusted-Bench for the first time; 10. Blockchain technology to accelerate the reliable and efficient operation of supply chain finance.