Jeffrey Wernick: Bitcoin is the best way to store value; Google won't beat Bitcoin

On March 11, Jeffrey Wernick, Ph.D. in Finance and Economics from the University of Chicago said at the event that the best use of Bitcoin is as a means of value storage, which is the best attribute of money. Rather than spend money, accumulate wealth.

He also mentioned that many ICO projects are deceiving under the banner of trust in the revolution. He has repeatedly held dinners, asking the exchanges and project parties to close the project and return the funds. Regarding whether Google's quantum computing will hit Bitcoin, Jeffrey said that Google will not defeat Bitcoin. He believes that Google is "just evil", and the existence of Bitcoin represents the world's most powerful supercomputer. It is also becoming more powerful and more secure. So as technology evolves for evil, Bitcoin is also evolving for those who are committed to decentralization and away from the evil Google. He will always keep the funds on Bitcoin.