Foreign media: Elon Musk, Ethereum scam on YouTube, video scammers lie, claiming 2x return on investment

A new Ethereum scam has appeared on YouTube, using Tesla founder Elon Musk as a bait. The scammer requires the victim to make an Ethereum deposit in order to verify the encrypted address, and also claims that "investors" are eligible for a double investment return. Hackers set up live broadcasts of various Musk interviews in which he talked about Tesla, cryptocurrencies, technological innovations, and most importantly Ethereum. The live broadcast has been going on for more than 12 hours, and the live broadcast hints that there will be a "Tesla Ethereum Airdrop". The video itself does not have a specific call. The live broadcast website lists a website that "investors" can go to in order to participate in free gifts. The site, called Elon Live, is nothing more than a landing page listing "payment addresses" instructing visitors to send 5 to 500 ETH to the address to verify their address. In return, the site will immediately refund them twice the amount paid. However, Etherscan data shows that the current balance of the Elon Live address has just exceeded 18 ETH, and it has received the balance through three incoming transactions in the past 4 days. Their account has zero outbound transactions, which means that the account has not been emptied and no cryptocurrency has been returned.