Former Riot Blockchain CEO and three others settle with SEC over alleged low-sale of stocks

Three people, including John O'Rourke, the former CEO of Riot BlockChain, agreed to settle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on three transactions that were suspected of selling shares at low prices, with a settlement value of $ 3.5 million. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Michael Brauser, John Stetson and O'Rourke will pay compensation, pre-judgment interest and civil fines. O'Rourke's and Stetson will each pay more than $ 1.15 million in fines, while Brauser will pay about $ 1.17 million. O'Rourke and its companies ATG Capital, Brauser and its company Brauser's Grander Holdings are permanently barred from participating in any activity related to the issue of low-priced shares, while Stetson and Stetson Capital Investments are prohibited from participating in low-priced shares for 10 years.