Jingtong Technology CEO: Improved, hybrid blockchain-like approach may meet regulatory requirements

According to the Economic Reference News, Jingtong Technology CEO and MOAC Blockchain co-founder Zhou Sha said in an interview that the "Financial Distributed Ledger Technical Security Specification" developed by the central bank has a Strong business guidance. In the future, regulators may consider launching corresponding product catalogs and lists according to technical standards to further guide the healthy and standardized development of the industry. In addition, he said that the existing public chain-based payment method is a completely decentralized solution. The advantage is that it has a decentralized trust mechanism, but the disadvantages are complex settings, no supervision, no offline payment function, and speed. Slow, unable to support transactions for a large number of users. The fully decentralized model cannot meet the central bank's requirements for the concurrent amount of retail payment scenarios. However, some improved, hybrid blockchain-like approaches may meet regulatory requirements for digital currency centralized management and its speed, efficiency, and security.