Hao Han, Annie: Blockchain helps digital copyright open trillion-scale market, competition is still in the blue ocean

According to financial industry news, Hao Han, CTO of Annie Co., said in an online course that using blockchain and big data, AI and other technologies can create rights as soon as they are created, use rights as they are authorized, and rights as discovered, and justice and blockchain The landing of the application can make the industry produce a positive promotion effect. Assume that copyright services account for 10% of the total industrial value. Based on a 28% compound growth rate, it is estimated that from 2020 to 2022, the market size of copyright services will reach 120 billion yuan, 150 billion yuan, and 200 billion yuan, respectively. However, in the current copyright service field, no large-scale enterprises have been created, the industry concentration is low, and opportunities for market integration exist.