The mysterious website said that after 11 days, the identity of Nakamoto was revealed. Is the marketing routine really unexpected?

Where is Nakamoto? Henry Ford is the father of the automotive industry, and Steve Jobs has created a culture that is obsessed with smartphones. However, the current cryptocurrency industry with a market capitalization of more than $186 billion does not know who is the creator of bitcoin.

Recently, a new website is being circulated on social networking sites, which has once again triggered speculation about the mystery of Nakamoto. The website went live last weekend, but its publisher is still a mystery.


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The site has only one countdown page, and it seems that it is planned to reveal Nakamoto's identity after 11 days.

Secret Nakamoto: A secret operation?

The man, woman or group behind this Japanese pseudonym has remained anonymous for the past decade and has done something that is almost impossible to accomplish. This is an amazing achievement in the digital age.

Who is Nakamoto? There are different opinions on this point. But the true identity of Nakamoto is the key to unlocking the original reason for the birth of Bitcoin.

The white paper refers to BTC as a peer-to-peer cash system. Some believe that the superior design of Bitcoin means that only the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), or other agencies with government backgrounds have the ability to create this decentralized bitcoin network.

Perhaps this is a survey tool used by law enforcement agencies to track illegal traders (such as the Dark Silk Road). Therefore, the people or groups behind the Nakamoto Satoshi mask must remain anonymous, otherwise they may be subject to retaliation by terrorists, such as drug trafficking groups and arms dealers.

But this is only one of the guesses.

Some people (such as CSW) claim to be bitcoin inventors, but this may be to enjoy the glory that should not be won (if you don't believe him).

Throughout April, security expert John McAfee and supporter of bitcoin SV CW (Craig Wright) have been attacking each other, even involving litigation. The former said that he had a conversation with the real Nakamoto, who always claimed to be "the man."

Many of these arguments lack evidence and can only be used as a source for repeated discussions on this topic.

In a tweet on the 16th of last month, McAfee said:

At least a dozen cryptocurrency enthusiasts know the true identity of Nakamoto. I can guarantee you 100% that it is not CSW.

Subsequently, McAfee promised to disclose the true identity of Nakamoto :

I keep the secret of Nakamoto's true identity. However, it is time to let this matter have a result. Someone pretends to be his identity, and we are also spending time and energy looking for him – this is a waste of time. Every day in the future, I will publish some clues about the identity of Nakamoto, until he reveals his identity, or I expose him.

But shortly after that, McAfee exposed a letter from his lawyer, suggesting that he should not disclose Nakamoto.

A smart deployment?

Let's go back to

Is this new website a way to expose Nakamoto in a long distance and anonymously?

Or to divert attention? In this way, true Bitcoin creators can relax and stay away from media and regulatory scrutiny.

The countdown on the website page seems to be consistent with the time of the CoinDesk Consensus Conference. Therefore, it is also possible that a public relations team tried to attract people's attention by exposing Nakamoto's identity.

Anonymous identity has always been a security risk for Nakamoto.

He is a ubiquitous ghost at blockchain meetings and gatherings. According to BitMEX research, he has nearly 700,000 bitcoins.

If Satoshi wants to disclose his identity, perhaps to stop fraudsters who pretend to be their identity and have a negative impact on Bitcoin, a subversive thing, Bitcoin is still in its infancy and still needs guidance. According to this line of thinking, innovation should not be influenced by imposters or false prophets.

When Bitcoin prices reached an all-time high, Nakamoto was ranked 90th in the global rich list with $14 billion in assets. However, these bitcoins have never been transferred out of their wallet address.

In any case, the countdown to the website is coming to an end. Someone soon told us the answer.