The data shows that the proportion of long and short positions in BTC contracts returns to more than 2 and the activeness of active trading has increased significantly.

As of 10:30 on March 12, according to the OKEx trading big data, the number of short and long positions in the BTC contract was 2.06, the quarterly contract basis was $ 46.24, the perpetual contract basis was $ 10.1, and the perpetual contract fund rate was 0.036%; Total BTC contract positions are 7,813,007, 24h trading volume is 26,937,276; active buying volume is 1,009,068, and active selling volume is 1,291,938; elite accounts have 53% long positions, 23.40% long positions, 45% short positions, and short positions Position ratio is 17.61%.

In terms of BTC spot data, the leverage-to-short ratio is 4.72, the amount of active purchase of coins is 1496.19 BTC, the amount of active sell of coins is 1431.02 BTC, and the over-the-counter premium rate of USDT is 101.30%.

Analysts said that the number of short and long positions in the BTC contract was 2.06, returning to 2. The number of long positions in the market rebounded significantly. The quarterly contract basis expanded to around $ 50, and the total number of positions also rose, approaching 8 million. Currently, Confidence in the market has picked up; active market active trading has surged, with more than a million active transactions per hour, a high probability of market movements, and attention to short-term market movements; in terms of elite positions in BTC contracts, multiple forces maintain a slight advantage and focus on changes in large positions .