Huobi: "Hbworld" is not an official Huobi project, users are required to guard against fraud risks

On March 12, Huobi's official Weibo said that it had recently received some users' inquiries about whether Huobi was related to the "Hbworld" project. In this regard, Huobi officially solemnly declares that: "Hbworld" is not an official Huobi project, and Huobi does not have any cooperation relationship with "Hbworld". The "Hbworld" project uses the Huobi brand to conduct false publicity and promises high investment returns. The behavior has caused serious infringement and adverse effects on the brand image of Huobi. In this regard, Huobi reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the persons responsible. Users are requested to be vigilant, pay attention to the risk of fraud, and beware of loss of assets.