Analysis shows: 8200 is a watershed between strength and weakness.

According to OKEx quarterly contract data, since this week, the BTC quarterly contract price has been in a weak consolidation pattern in the region below $ 8,200. Although there are signs of stopping at the 7600 line, the rebound is very limited. OKEx analyst Charles believes that the current medium-term market trend is still in a very clear short trend. The mainstream highs of currencies including BTC, ETH, and EOS have shown a downward trend, and each time the transaction rebounds, The amount is always difficult to enlarge. At the same time, the turbulence of the international financial market, although not directly related to the currency market, will also cause market anxiety to a certain extent. It is too early to say the end.

It is suggested that you can focus on the vicinity of US $ 8200 in the later period. This price can be regarded as a watershed in the short and medium-term trend, that is, the price is strong above it, and the price is weak below it. However, although it is still a downward trend, due to the recent absolute decline, the active selling force in the market has been greatly reduced. In addition, 7000-7600 is a densely traded area in the early stage. The probability of effective short-term direct penetration is small in a short period of time, and the probability of the currency price operating in a low-level shock pattern is high. BTC is concerned about 7800 resistance and support 7400.