From the media: Zhu Yin, co-founder of Coin India, withdrew from shareholders, responding that "no impact"

According to public information, the co-founder and COO Zhu Qian of the Coin Printing Mining Pool has recently withdrawn from the shareholders of the coin printing parent company Nakamoto Smart (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. . Zhu Qian responded: No effect, business as usual. Zhu Qian originally held a 10% stake in Coin India, but he said he did not sell his shares.

According to data, the revenue of Yinyin in 2019 will reach 21.98 million US dollars. According to about 10 times P / S, the valuation of Yinyin should be hundreds of millions of dollars, and the value of the shares held by Zhu Qian should be tens of millions of dollars. The coin-printing mining pool was founded by Pan Zhibiao, Zhu Qian, Li Tianzhao and other mining pool teams under the original Bitmain.