SheKnows Live | Road Rich: We are now in the early stages of the economic crisis

On the afternoon of March 12, Babbit Sheknows hosted an online interview on the theme "What if the global economic crisis, what about blockchain?" Wealth history researcher and financial self-media blogger Lu richer said that if the concept of "crisis" is not accurately defined, we are now in the primary stage of crisis. Oil prices plummeted 30% in one day, US stocks continued to plummet, and US Treasury yields hit a 200-year low. These are all manifestations of the initial stage of the crisis. If the epidemic continues to ferment, the entire world economy and finance will be dragged down. So, the next thing is to see how the epidemic develops. This round of crisis, no one expected to be initiated by a virus. And if the world doesn't take it seriously, our situation could all go in the worse direction. Live link: