U.S. stocks melt down and the currency market plummets. How should assets be allocated in 2020?

Global financial markets are undergoing a "extreme storm."

Global stock markets plummeted, crude oil crashed, 10-year U.S. Treasury yields hit record lows, gold fluctuated and dived, and Bitcoin still fell back to the 7th era with halving expectations …

Will the financial crisis repeat itself in 2008? Hedging or dips? Offense or wait and see? How to protect your money bag?

This time we have invited you 5 teachers to answer all your questions. Among them are senior investors, senior practitioners of traditional finance, and behind-the-scenes traders of the "first block chain."

Zhang Li: The Trader Behind "The First Blockchain"

Zhang Li, she is the vice president of Canaan Technology. He participated in the listing of Jianan Yunzhi throughout the whole process, and was the CFO of the global capital market.

She has held positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Guotai Junan M & A, Vice President of Shunwang Technology, and director of several listed companies. After joining Jia Nan Yun Zhi, she led Jia Nan Yun Zhi to successfully complete the NASDAQ listing.


1. The story begins with the first "Avalon"

2. Insights into the global mining landscape

3. What is halving Bitcoin and why it has become the focus of the market

4. Why does Jia Nan Yunzhi become the first share of China's blockchain

5. Traditional capital markets and investors' views on blockchain listed companies

Huang Lingbo: How does "distributed" discover early projects?

Huang Lingbo is a distributed capital partner and a senior investor in the blockchain industry. She has 8 years of experience in the financial industry and has a deep understanding of the financial system.

Distributed capital is the most enthusiastic about investing 500,000 US dollars at the time of Ethereum's crisis, and the final income is amazing.


1. The investment philosophy of distributed capital

2. Look at the blockchain project, whether it is technology or business

3. Deducing the end of blockchain development

4. Current price and future value, which is the real opportunity

5. What is unique about early blockchain projects

Tao Rongqi: The "secret of wealth" is hidden in the data

Tao Rongqi, he is the founder of X-Order and the founding partner of NGC Ventures.

He believes that the industry does not lack views, but lacks data. The graph network data in AI can help understand the world. "If you don't understand the nodes and the network, you will be eliminated." He said.

They tried to find valuable projects and research investment opportunities through the study of machine learning and graph network data.

For example, everyone knows "PayPal gangsters", whose members are mostly early PayPal core employees who have left or started businesses, and they keep close contact with each other. Now they control the US technology industry like mafia organizations. In the cryptocurrency space, "Coinbase gangsters" are on the rise.

Tao Rongqi then explored high-quality projects along the way, and speculated which cryptocurrency projects may be listed on the Coinbase platform.

In the Babbitt Industry Class, he will impart his research results to each other.

Course Outline

1. The "Coinbase Gangster" of the blockchain

2.How to discover the next generation of blockchain projects with great potential

3. Blockchain "out of the circle" can bring prosperity

4. What the global blockchain opinion leaders care about

5.The weathervane of the world's top blockchain funds

Cai Yan: 3-5 investment directions worthy of attention in 2020

Cai Yan, she is the managing director of NGC Ventures and the head of NGC StakeX. She is currently responsible for the NGC project investment business and the StakeX node service business.

As the head of the current most active investment fund NGC Ventures, Cai Yan has a deep understanding of the token economy, DApp ecology, and DeFi.


1. NGC's Leadership

2. Investment track selection and portfolio map

3. The similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign blockchain projects

4. Always pay attention to and protect investment risk exposure

Starting from 2020, there are 3-5 investment directions worthy of attention

Song Shuangjie: What are the fundamentals of the blockchain industry in the eyes of traditional brokers?

Song Shuangjie, he is the founder of Tongzhengtong Research Institute, the top blockchain research institution in China, a disciple of Ren Zeping, a PhD in economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and the director of the Advanced Blockchain Research Institute of Tsinghua University.

He has worked for Guotai Junan, Founder Securities and other institutions. He has won several championships in the macro analysis of 2016 and 2017.


1. Review of the development process in the Internet age

2. At what stage is the development of the blockchain, and what challenges will it still meet?

3. Correlation between Bitcoin price and traditional capital markets

4. Is Bitcoin a digital gold under risk aversion?

5. Which market elements constitute the fundamentals of emerging technologies

From March 23rd to March 27th, the second bomber of Babbitt Industry Class hit. The above 5 mentors of "Blockchain and Finance Learning Week" focused on teaching, arming their minds with knowledge, and finding new asset allocation in 2020. posture.

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