New crown epidemic hits the United States, CME Group suspends offline trading, Coinbase and other open remote offices

With the global outbreak of the New Crown epidemic, companies and organizations related to cryptocurrencies are also changing the way they do business.

According to CNBC reports today, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), which has launched bitcoin futures trading, announced that trading on the trading floor will be suspended from March 13.

CME said the decision was made in response to the new crown epidemic. Financial markets across the United States have been severely affected by the epidemic. As of press time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 1,500 points in 24 hours.

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CME Group is the world's leading financial derivatives exchange. It engages in trading of agricultural products, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals and stock indexes. The organization issued a statement saying:

"None of the new crown cases have been confirmed on the trading floor or the Chicago Trade Commission building. As more medical guidance on new crown viruses becomes available, the reopening of the trading floor will be evaluated."

So far, the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic has caused most flights to and from China to be grounded, and flights to Italy have been blocked. Earlier today, travel restrictions also appeared between Europe and the United States.

However, despite more than 200 confirmed New Crown cases in New York City, the NYSE has not announced plans to close its trading floor. In addition, Nasdaq is also located in New York City, and the exchange is still open.

Cryptocurrency companies like Coinbase open remote office model

Compared with traditional exchanges, some cryptocurrency exchanges and companies are beginning to implement new policies to deal with the new crown epidemic.

For example, San Francisco-based Coinbase and New York-based cryptocurrency analysis company Messari have successively notified their employees to work from home until further notice. In addition, the twin brothers Blockstack and Winklevoss encouraged their employees to work remotely.

As of today, the United States has identified 1322 new crown infections, including 38 deaths reported.

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