PBOC Yinchuan Center Sub-branch Advances Cross-Border Financial Blockchain Trade Financing Pilot

According to the China Financial News Network, in response to the current epidemic prevention and control, financial support for economic development requirements, and difficulties in stabilizing foreign trade, the People's Bank of China Yinchuan Central Branch is one of the 4 regions where the existing application scenarios of the blockchain platform were completed earlier in the country. Effectively assisting Ningxia's foreign trade enterprises to resume orderly production and production. In the course of active pilot implementation, the PBC Yinchuan Zhongzhi adhered to the problem-oriented approach. In response to the problems of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises' insufficient (collateral) collateral and financing difficulties, the export trade receivables financing (after delivery) of foreign trade enterprises was used as a breakthrough With the help of the reliable technical characteristics of the blockchain, problems such as difficult credit certification for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, and bank verification of trade authenticity have been better solved.