SheKnows Live | Road Finance: Very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, now is a good time to start

On the afternoon of March 12, Babbit Sheknows hosted an online interview on the theme "What if the global economic crisis, what about blockchain?" Researcher of wealth change history and rich man of financial self-media blogger Lu said that Bitcoin is an alternative asset and it also has its own price operation logic, but it cannot be classified as risky or non-risky assets. Individuals are very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin.

He also pointed out that Bitcoin is a brand new social experiment. In fact, if the epidemic continues, the value of Bitcoin is likely to rise, because Bitcoin's transfers and transactions do not depend on actual circulation, and there are enough People trust. According to my own system analysis, the price of bitcoin hit a new low recently. Without leverage, now is a good time to start. Live link: