Xinhua Finance: Since the beginning of this year, the trading of blockchain projects has gradually become active, and the market has adapted to the new stage of development

According to Xinhua Finance News, on March 12, China Financial Information Network released the list of top 10 blockchain project financing in the domestic primary market from November 2019 to February 2020. Judging from the list, at the end of 2019, the financing situation of blockchain projects has diverged. Financial OneAccount and Jia Nan Yunzhi successively went public in the United States, driving a wave of market enthusiasm. However, Bitmain as the head of the original blockchain concept The stranded listing plans of foreign companies have also caused investors to gradually re-examine past investment strategies. If a blockchain venture capital company aims to be acquired by a traditional industry leader, its future growth space and value-added imagination space will shrink significantly.

In November and December 2019, light trading in the primary market of the blockchain industry also reflected changes in market mentality and pricing models. Since the beginning of 2020, project trading has become increasingly active, the market has adapted to the development of the new stage, and the project pricing model and investment focus have gradually become clear. From the list in this issue, half of the projects on the list are concentrated in the field of information security. It can be seen that information security is the key to restrict the development of blockchain technology at present, and it is also a must for investors to make strategic layouts. The remaining five projects belong to Application development, public chain platform, social, consumer and enterprise services.