Bitcoin's Secret History: Origins of the Hodgy Slang in the Crypto Community

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Author: LucyCheng  

Every circle has a lot of terms that only people know about themselves, as does the cryptocurrency community; for example, Hodl is the motto of the Bitcoin believer because of spelling mistakes.

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Since the advent of this slang, the familiar word Hold is no longer enough to express the determination of Bitcoin believers to hold on to Bitcoin; the new word Hodl created by GameKyuubi, a netizen who claims to be a "bad trader", can Better express the mood of this class of enthusiasts.

On December 18, 2013, a screenshot of the message GameKyuubi posted on the Bitcointalk forum

This encounter comes from the drunken words of netizen GameKyuubi on Bitcointalk. On December 18, 2013, at a time when the price of bitcoin plummeted by 38%, the highest single-day drop in history, GameKyuubi, who suffered a double blow from love and money, posted a post named "I AM HODLING" on the forum. The netizen who found that his girlfriend went to the lace bar while experiencing a bitcoin price crash said, "In fact, this is my second time typing tytile (it should be title, it seems this netizen is really drunk), I The first time I knew it was wrong, and the second time I was wrong again. "

In desperation, GameKyuubi had no choice but to go wrong, and continued to explain the reason why he insisted on holding the currency; "Why do I want Hodling when Bitcoin crashes? Because I am a bad trader, I know I am a bad trader. Yes, you guys Good traders can find highs and lows, which is of course no problem … In a bear market, only powerful day traders and sick newcomers will sell. Those in between Bitcoin will be taken steadily. In a zero-sum game like this, the trader can take your money only when you sell it ", so in order to guarantee no loss, you must stick to HODL. Not only that, GameKyuubi also vividly described the entire process of how a junior player lost money in a bear market in his post; but from his slightly logical confusion and repeated and lengthy expressions, this netizen seems to really drink a lot of whiskey .

Screenshot from: Message under GameKyuubi post "I AM HODLING"

GameKyuubi's comments made a lot of forum members laugh, they have extracted the highlights Hodling in the title, and follow the trend in the comments below (as shown above). Since then, the word Hodl has become popular in the cryptocurrency field. Later, some netizens added an explanation to the word-Hold on for dear life; it can be translated as, for a wonderful life, hold firmly.