3480 kilometers apart, why did the Shenzhen company get a billion-dollar blockchain project in Harbin?

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An unknown Shenzhen company, spanning 3480 kilometers, won a Harbin Blockchain contract of 1 billion yuan.

This news happened recently. Harbin Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Shenzhen UBI Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as UBI) reached a cooperation. Both parties will build digital asset exchanges, develop blockchain applications, and build blockchain incubation parks. The total investment of the project is expected to be 1 billion yuan.

With such an overall plan involving a large amount of blockchain projects, the contractor is neither a well-known Internet company nor a leading blockchain company. On March 23, Interlink Pulse contacted the project's organizer, Shenzhen UBI, by phone, and wanted to know more about the project construction, but the other party responded that the company was not being interviewed for the time being. This adds a mystery to the 1 billion yuan contract.

Where does blockchain technology come from?

Interlink Pulse then learned about Shenzhen UBI through public information. In fact, the company is more like a financial consulting services company. The company's application cases shown on the official website are all related business cases such as accounting standards and financial valuation; the company's general manager, Liu Mu, is a graduate student in the Department of Marketing Management at the University of Birmingham, engaged in international financial, commerce and cultural docking projects, team other The background of the members are also practitioners in the financial industry, and the company's core team does not have members with a background in blockchain technology.

And although the company was established in July 2009, it was officially renamed from Shenzhen Zhuokang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to Shenzhen Youbiai Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the company's business scope was changed to blockchain, and management personnel, persons in charge, Investors and other information, in March 2019, signed a large order of 1 billion yuan with Harbin, but a whole year.

This will inevitably cast doubt on the company's ability to realize the ambitious vision of the contract. Perhaps the company's parent company can help.

Interlink Pulse observes the information on Shenzhen UBI's official website, which introduces that the company is a subsidiary of UBI Block-Chain Internet Ltd, a US-listed company. It is reported that the parent company was founded in 2010, the company name was JA Energy at that time, and then the blockchain business was transformed.

The parent company developed a blockchain food and drug industry project in cooperation with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2017; in 2018, it successfully applied its blockchain trust management solution to the pharmaceutical industry; in the same year, it successively cooperated with the Mardell Group, Beidahuang Group and International Bank Beijing Shifan Culture and Art Company signed a blockchain development agreement; in 2019, it was approved by the state to organize a blockchain forum enterprise at the "Beijing Belt and Road Summit 2019".

From the disclosed public information, it can be seen that its Hong Kong parent company has the strength to promote the development of blockchain applications, or it can provide corresponding blockchain technical support for the project.

It is also based on the development of the parent company's blockchain. In 2017, the US OTC listed company received a large number of investors' investment. In December, the parent company's stock price (US stock code: UBIA) rose by as much as 1108% in a few days, and once skyrocketed to $ 115; in February 2017, its trading price was only 55 cents.

However, in January 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission suspended the parent company's transactions on the grounds that "from November 2017, the company's Class A common shares were in an unusual and unexplainable market activity."

Recently, on March 22, the news of cooperation between Shenzhen UBI and Harbin Industry and Information Technology Bureau was announced; on the 23rd, Yahoo Finance showed that the parent company's stock price rose slightly.

(Data source: Yahoo Finance)

On the other side, OTC Markets Group Inc.'s website shows that it has stopped displaying UBIA's offer on the website because it has been marked as "Buyer Attention" (Caveat Emptor). The offer will not resume until the issuer provides sufficient information and OTC Markets believes that there are no longer any public interest concerns.

(OTC Markets official website)

In addition, Yahoo Finance shows that the Hong Kong parent company has only 18 full-time employees. The domain name of its official website (http://www.globalubi.com) is being sold.

In summary, it seems that the parent company that can provide blockchain technology for Shenzhen UBI does not seem to be developing smoothly.

Shenzhen UBI's blockchain technology also has an entrepreneurial blockchain subsidiary.

In April 2019, Shenzhen UBI invested 30 million yuan in the blockchain startup Shenzhen Xiaoyu Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. and became its holding company.

Mutual Chain Pulse is also linked to the Xiaoyu Blockchain, asking if the Harbin Blockchain Project provides technical support. The company's founder Hu Hailiang responded that the Xiaoyu Blockchain is the core blockchain technology team of UBI. Previously, the Xiaoyu Blockchain provided most of the technical support for the UBI project. I believe this project construction will also provide Most technologies.

The official website information of Xiaoyu Blockchain also shows that the company has the blockchain underlying technology and wallet technology with independent property rights, and can provide services such as the development of the underlying main chain, but the official website does not have a more detailed technical and team introduction.

UBI operates the three eastern provinces

In response to this 1 billion yuan blockchain order, it is not only building a digital asset exchange, but also exploring blockchains such as food and drug trust traceability platforms, government administrative approval, government procurement tendering, tax bill traceability confirmation, and medical insurance settlement. Scenario applications; promote the construction of blockchain incubation parks; organize blockchain application conferences, a total of four aspects of blockchain construction and exploration. It can be described as a comprehensive and huge blockchain project.

If all of Shenzhen UBI and its subsidiaries are responsible for the support of blockchain technology, it seems too burdensome. In fact, there is another possibility for the construction of this project. Shenzhen UBI is responsible for the overall construction of the project. During the construction process, other technical support parties will be sought to participate.

But why Shenzhen UBI can span 3480 kilometers from north to south and become the main contractor chosen by Harbin Industry and Information Technology Bureau.

This may be related to its operations in the three eastern provinces. In the first two years, there was a commercial saying: "You can't invest in Shanhaiguan". However, UBI has more commercial projects in the three eastern provinces.

In August 2018, UBI's parent company Hong Kong UBI initiated the launch of the "Global Blockchain Cooperation Alliance" and held a founding conference at which it signed strategic cooperation agreements with companies in Heilongjiang.

Among them, the cooperation between UBI and Madiel is mainly to use the blockchain technology to promote its three-dimensional planning and management of the entire industrial chain; the token is used as a new equity carrier to provide incentives for participants in application collaboration. But apart from that, the interchain pulse has not inquired about any further progress of these projects.

On the other hand, the company's team members have also cooperated with the Heilongjiang government. According to the official website, Liu Mu, the general manager of Shenzhen UBI, has guided and assisted the governments of Guangdong, Shandong, and Heilongjiang provinces in China to conduct comprehensive docking and cooperation with the three southwestern British commerce and trade organizations.

In addition, Liu Mu is also associated with a number of companies in the three eastern provinces. She has served as a director of Jilin Province Taibaiyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and a director of Liaoning Beiyao Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. At the same time, he is the executive director and manager of Liaoning Xianghua Trading Company, Shenyang Gaoge Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., and a supervisor of Liaoning Tianxiulou Catering Management Co., Ltd. However, the last three companies are currently cancelled.

At present, the cooperation between the two parties has been decided, and in response to the specific problems of the project construction, the mutual chain pulse has not only contacted Shenzhen UBI. At the same time, there was also information from the Harbin Industry and Information Bureau by mail, but no reply was received as of press time.

The mutual chain pulse further linked, or will be responsible for the project blockchain technology support UBI subsidiary Xiaoyu Blockchain, but for the construction details of the digital asset exchange, the founder of the Xiaoyu Blockchain also said that the project is still During the implementation period, the project-related interviews will not be accepted temporarily.

It remains to be seen where this 1 billion blockchain project will go.

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