Zhao Dong Announces Key Information of Bitfinex IEO White Paper

On May 4th, Zhao Dongfa said: DGroup is authorized to publish the key information of the Bitfinex IEO white paper exclusively. Supplement: Due to the white papers we are currently seeing, our information and the final white paper may differ slightly, based on the information finally released by Bitfinex. The white paper shows that the IEO Token will follow the standard destruction method. The repurchase cycle is based on monthly sales, using X% of last month's profit, and repurchasing LEO according to the current market price. X% is at least 27%, and there is no deadline limit. In addition, there are two kinds of events that will trigger the destruction, namely, “the method of destroying the frozen assets and triggering the destruction” and the “stolen bitcoin return triggering destruction method”. The participation methods include the private placement stage and the public offering stage.