Weifang City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau invites investment and introduces blockchain-based smart digital parking project

According to Qilu Evening News, the signing activity of Weifang's "double recruit and double quote" cooperation project was recently held. The Weifang City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau's investment promotion project "Weifang City-level Smart Digital Parking Project" participated in the signing of the contract. It is reported that the project uses "Beijing Gaoyao Digital Parking Technology" to integrate Beidou satellite high-precision positioning and navigation technology with remote sensing satellite high-resolution imaging technology, and combines blockchain technology with the concept of digital economy development, highlighting All-round and full-chain efforts are made to solve the fragmented problems in the construction of smart cities in the past, solve the problem of urban parking management, facilitate the travel of residents, and help Weifang build a smart city, upgrade consumption levels, and develop Weifang's economy and society.