Morning comment: The mainstream currency has been booming, is the bull market already coming?

Bitcoin rose all the way yesterday to break the previous resistance and suppress the increase of 5,605 US dollars to a new high. After the construction of the bottom, the road will be broken and continue to maintain the upward trend. It has reached a new high since the early morning to reach 5,858 US dollars, only one step away from 6000. At present, it is oscillating and adjusting around 5780, and still has the potential to continue to rise;

Since the all-way up to consecutive highs, Bitcoin has been continuously breaking through in a very short period of time. From May 1 to the present, it has risen from $5,200 to $5,800, and has continued to move upwards until the early morning. During the period, there was no big callback trend. After rising to the new high, it still broke the new high again, indicating that the multi-military still has the ability to continue to move upwards; on the daily chart, the MACD fast line wears a slow line above the 0-axis to form a golden fork. There are still a lot of money to continue to enter, St indicator blue line is about to go down the red line, indicating that it has entered the stage of selling pressure, then it will soon enter the shock trend, and the early 6 o'clock rises after breaking new high and then quickly falls back, the upper resistance Strong suppression, may also be the last breakthrough of the multi-military, the current disk turned into a shock trend, then the upward trend can not continue, in the short-term breakthrough of 6,000 US dollars will become a luxury; today, if the shock market can not return to above 5800 again, then follow-up The trend will change from up to down, so pay attention to the key position of 5800. If the follow-up can't stabilize at $5,800, then be prepared. Welcome to the downward trend of the decline; today's strategy, the high market of the volatile market is low, the upper resistance is 5900 near the empty single loss, the lower support 5750 followed by the single loss 5700;

ETH received four consecutive years yesterday, and today there is a trend of continuing five consecutive days, the daily indicator is upwards, and the short-term trend is quite strong. Today, we can see a breakthrough in the resistance of 170, which can quickly break through and maintain above 170. Then the follow-up trend will continue to go up the trend, if it is still faltering, then the upward trend will soon be terminated and the downward trend will be terminated; resistance 175, support 165; operation is mainly based on callback;

XRP is currently in an upward trend, and its upside momentum is strong. Today, there is a large upward trend, indicating that the main force is to continue to keep the price level up, and the short-term callback can be followed. If it rises, it can be light and empty. Stop loss, support 0.29, resistance 0.32;

The LTC chart indicators all point to the upward volume of the volume, and basically maintain a complete upward trend in recent days. It is expected that the LTC will break through and quickly reach the previous high point, and the callback will be long and support 75;

BCH is also an upward trend today. At present, its upward momentum is also quite strong. It has already broken through the high point of the yearning, supporting 290, and the callback is mostly;

EOS continues to go up. At present, whether it will break through the previous highs and reach 6.0, the same callback is long. Today is a general trend of the mainstream currency, so it is mainly based;

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