Chain node live broadcast notice 丨 B.TOP conference and first interview with world miners

Tonight at 8:00, the live broadcast of the chain node invited Jiang Zhuoer, the founder of Leibite Mine, Hu Yijie, the market director of Leibite Mine, and Wu Jihan, the CEO of Bitmain.

Activity process: 1. Jiang Zhuoer: Why not only mine, but also mine? Why is joint mining the best choice for mining? 2. Hu Yijie: Combined mining-let you have the scale advantage of big miners 3, Wu Jihan: "world miners"-listen to world miners and tell legendary stories. At that time, Wu Jihan will make his first live video show through the chain node live broadcast. During the event, the mining machine will give away a luxury gift. Welcome everyone to participate!