X-Order Tao Rongqi: Using graph network data, the success rate of discovering high-quality blockchain projects is higher

On the evening of March 25, the second issue of the Babbitt Industry Class "Finance is a Trap or a Treasure of Treasure? —— "Blockchain and Finance" Learning Week continued wonderfully. X-Order founder Tao Rongqi said in a live broadcast that the relationship is very important in the investment field, especially in the primary market. In the Silicon Valley venture capital circle, there is a "PayPal gangster", which means that since PayPal was acquired by eBay in 2002, early PayPal employees have chosen to start their own businesses, maintain close relationships with each other, invest and support each other, like gangsters Controls the US technology industry.

He also pointed out that using the graph network data to analyze the "Coinbase gangster" in the blockchain field, through Coinbase's network of relationships, to discover high-quality projects created by former employees of Coinbase, and the success rate of investment is even higher. For more information, please click: http://t.cn/A6zsS6fk

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