Bitcoin plunges into history, what do foreign communities think?

Bitcoin has plummeted again! Although the plunge is not uncommon in Bitcoin's 12-year history, a plunge like this is unprecedented. I got up this morning and opened the app to take a look at the market. The editor was still shocked. The mainstream currencies have all fallen by more than 40%. The editor has seen several collective declines of 20% +, or even 30% +. It was the first time I saw a "half" plunge.

Bitcoin plunges into history, what do foreign communities think?

Facing such a plunge, what do foreign communities think?

Josh Jordan @ NumbersMuncher:

"In the past few years, I was told that when the government lost control, the only currency was gold or Bitcoin. It turns out that the only important currency is toilet paper."

Vijay Boyapati @ real_vijay:

"The big bitcoin owners who are selling coins will fall into the hands of those who believe in bitcoin, and they will create a cornerstone to lay the foundation for the next surge."

Tuur Demeester @ TuurDemeester:

"Although I have been playing Bitcoin for a long time and my bullish mood has not wavered, I still feel anxious to see this cruel day. Sitting is probably the hardest thing."

bitlord @ Crypto_Bitlord:

"When it bounces, it will bounce so hard that even gravity can't restrain it. Before that, if you plan to buy more in the long term, my suggestion is to choose HODL (don't sell, you should buy the bottom). If it is Return to zero, then go with it. Don't panic no matter what happens, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. This is #Bitcoin. "

The Crypto Dog @ TheCryptoDog:

"Please note: This is indeed a blow to the confidence of Bitcoin and the entire surrounding industry. But it will soon be cured. In this unprecedented era, a truly unprecedented plunge has been staged."

Tracy Alloway @ tracyalloway:

"People used to say that Bitcoin is an unrelated asset, and I tend to agree. But the U.S. stock market has fallen 27% in three weeks, and Bitcoin has fallen 32% in just one day. I totally disagree now!"

Yano @ JasonYanowitz:

"In the 11 years since the last recession, Bitcoin has risen from $ 0 to a maximum of $ 20,000. Bitcoin has created the entire industry. It has changed the lives of millions of people. I am glad to see Bitcoin and the entire industry Go through this recession and become stronger than ever . "

Doug Polk @ DougPolkPoker

"It feels so eerie today

  • Coronavirus cases surge
  • NBA / NHL / MLB / NCAA, all delayed / canceled
  • U.S. stock market crash severe to 2009
  • Bitcoin loses almost half of its value in one day
  • Las Vegas has been thundering
  • Apocalyptic feeling "

GRANDMASTER CO ฿ IE @ CryptoCobain:

"Can't wait to buy a three-digit bitcoin again. Just like the good old days."

Doom Dr. Nouriel Roubini @ Nouriel:

"Junk coins, junk shows: Bitcoin junk is down 40% in the past 24 hours, and the U.S. stock market is down 10%. As a result, Bitcoin has fallen more than four times more than stocks. Only completely idiots, selfish Scammers, scammers, criminals, scammers and scammers tout and invest in this septic tank trash! "

Gold Supporter Peter Schiff @ PeterSchiff:

"With #Bitcoin falling below $ 4,000, I am not sad to lose all my Bitcoins (he had previously lost his own coins for his own reasons). With the speed at which my lost Bitcoins soon lose their value, , The difference between owning Bitcoin and not owning any Bitcoin will become irrelevant. "

David @ dmlayt:

"For some reason, I'm more bullish on #bitcoin than ever. Maybe it's the buy / sell ratio, maybe I miss the last time I saw $ 4,000 in bitcoin, maybe because the fundamentals haven't changed. I just Feel very bullish "

It is worth noting that even gold, which is considered as a safe haven, has lost ground today under the fear of the global economic crisis, with a drop of more than 3%. From the analysis point of view, the collapse of the crypto market has been affected by a variety of unfavorable factors. The new crown virus is global, the Middle East and Russia ’s oil war, the US stock market has plummeted, etc., but Bitcoin was born in the last economic crisis and was born in the dark. , Growing up in the dark, will eventually stand in the light.