ShapeShift CEO Open Letter: Born from Dark Bitcoin

Note: This article is an open letter from ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees to his team

Here is the translation:

What a bad day, global markets are experiencing record declines, Europeans cannot enter the United States, and the number of viruses is jumping everywhere. Even Dogecoin is crashing, the world seems to be on fire and everything looks dark.

It is worth mentioning that, like Bain in Batman movies, Bitcoin was born in the dark.

Today is the echo of the last financial crisis, "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks", this sentence in the Times on January 3, 2009, was engraved into the genesis block of Bitcoin, which became A dark time and place for the time and place where Bitcoin was born.

ShapeShift 首席执行官:诞生于黑暗的比特币

Bitcoin was born because of the corresponding collapse of the same financial trickery. It appeared as another option, it showed the world a different way of currency, and the way the market operates from it.

Why is the Bitcoin market so bloody today? Because the rich are scared, they do whatever it takes to get cash. It is at such a moment that it is important to narrow our horizons and see the big picture. Bitcoin enthusiasts like to talk about the shift of the global financial order to a new order. Well, does anyone think this is happening in a calm and orderly way? No, it happens during shocks and crises. This happens intermittently as the world shakes from a comfortable normal state. And now, it happened before our eyes.

Although the new coronavirus is dangerous, it will eventually pass. How many weeks? How many months? We will see. The more substantial impact of this outbreak is economic, and the entire world is struggling with uncertainty and financial chaos. And this confusion will continue, not because of the virus itself, but because the financial system is built on lies and witchcraft. This is an illusion, and it is painful when the illusion is broken.

I don't mean to alleviate pain or make things worse, because of the virus itself, many people will experience pain and torture now and in the future. This is a devastating human tragedy. However, a more historical story unfolds before us, a chapter of social change.

Most of us came to this company because we were passionate about this technology and the social and economic changes that followed, and we believe that Bitcoin and the digital assets that run around it are a really good way to make money Way, and therefore a better way of social operation. It's exactly this time that Bitcoin is preparing, and the world is chaosing back from the standards of complacency.

For more than a decade, Bitcoin has overcome all obstacles and doubts, and during that time, it has experienced dozens of wild shocks. We have experienced multiple declines of 20% or 30% in one day, yes, this is cruel, but they are always short-term. And at this moment of the global crisis, we as builders of this industry need to be at their best. This is where we need to concentrate, while the rest of the world struggles with confusion.

I came here to help the development of crypto technology, not for the daily lunar memes, but for times like this, when the world suddenly realized that the financial industry was dumbly built on it. I know most of you are with me and ShapeShift is our tool for doing this. You are an extraordinary team: we are building the best way for humans to interact with digital finance, which is an important job.

When these financial markets are falling apart, and when the cryptocurrency itself is volatile, remember why we are doing it. Remember why cryptocurrencies exist. We don't know to what extent this disaster will develop in the future, but the tools we are building can help humans on the other side.

Through darkness, the best stories are written in times of crisis.