Don't despair

March 12, 2020, a day that can be written into the annals of history.

Global stock markets "dark moments", the three major US indexes all fell 10%, the Dow hit its largest single-day drop since 1987. Folding and superimposing the domino effect, no global stock index was spared.

In terms of cryptocurrencies, at 10 am on March 13, Bitcoin dropped below $ 4,000, with a drop of nearly 50% in 24 hours, the largest one-day drop in Bitcoin history. According to coin coin statistics, the number of liquidation positions exceeded 100,000 in 24 hours, and the amount of liquidation positions exceeded 3 billion U.S. dollars. As of this writing, Bitcoin has rebounded slightly, hovering around $ 5,000.

I'm afraid the waterfall can't be described anymore. If you want to use a word, it's blood flowing into the river.

"The Great Gatsby" said that we desperately paddling, struggling to fight with the waves, and eventually were washed back to our past. After all, it's a phrase.

At this moment I just want to look at the expression on your face and record it.

Either anxiety or anger. Or confused, numb, helpless, frustrated, feeling life is boring … but please don't despair.

Before you try to find the light of dawn in the rapids and undercurrents, first recognize your position and hold it calmly.

Remember, life is not a game, and wealth is not gambling.

When the wind rises again, ride on the wind.

Don't despair, we accompany you and wait for the wind to come!

On March 13th, the resurgence of the hosted by Babbitt · 2020-Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit officially kicked off today. The official website has been officially launched (click to visit) .

The following is the introduction of the latest activities of the summit:

Lead live broadcast: global black swan, the price of the currency is cut, do we still want to be a currency guardian?

March 12 will be a day that the blockchain industry will always remember. In our original expectation, May will usher in a halving of bitcoin production, and its inflation rate will be lower than the US dollar at that time.

The sudden diving of the currency price disrupted the rhythm and mentality of everyone, but can we really give up? No, the night is long, there are too many stories to be told, let Babbitt, chain nodes, Xiong Yue, Dovey wait for the wind to accompany you!

Time: 14: 00-15: 00 on the 16th

Format: Live Room-Round Table


Xiong Yue , Dean of Yuanxin Research Institute

Dovey Wanhui Founding Partner of Primitive Ventures, Member of the Coindesk Advisory Board, Executive Director

Forum 1: Halving "Critical" and "Opportunity": Top Mining Players Teach "Cross-Robbery" Cheats

What is the current mining cost of Bitcoin? Has the price of the halved miner been turned off?

Is the Bitcoin miner still being continuously transported to the mine for online mining?

Should miners store coins to rise, or sell coins to survive? Can financial instruments be used to hedge risks?

Mining top players gather, if you want to talk about it! Let's look at the secret of "halving martial arts secrets" in the mining industry.

Time: 19: 00-21: 00 on the 16th

Format: Live Room-Round Table


Yang Xiao Panda Miner & Niubit COO

Solemn CEO of

Lorry AmberGroup Industry Research Director, Blockchain Technology and Financial Solutions Cross-Sector Analyst, Head of Domestic Market

Chen Leibite Founder of Blue Whale


More exciting events will be launched one after another, so please lock down the official website of this Cloud Summit (click to visit) .

In the enrollment plan for the "Renewed Wind · 2020 Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit", we are warmly welcoming interested parties to contact us to join the cloud summit, and will also receive Babbitt Mining China and Babbitt Summit Summit For priority participation opportunities, please contact:

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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