Misunderstanding the blockchain, starting from the day of misunderstanding Satoshi Nakamoto

Source: Pintu Business Review

When Satoshi Nakamoto typed the first line of code, he probably didn't expect to have such a big impact on future generations.

Because until now people still haven't straightened out the relationship between digital currency and blockchain. However, it is certain that both the digital currency and the blockchain are a brand new species. It is for this reason that it will attract so many people to join them.

However, not everyone's views on digital currency and blockchain are the same. When they pay attention to digital currency and blockchain, they only pay attention to digital currency and blockchain itself. More people pay attention to digital currency and blockchain because they see that digital currency and blockchain are hidden behind them. Great wealth.

Profit-seeking is understandable. People are not only concerned about digital currencies and blockchains just because they can get rich. Even for others, the ultimate driving force behind people's attention is to make money. Therefore, when many people look at digital currencies and blockchains, it is actually wrong to attribute the cause of digital currencies and blockchains to the development of strange circles as making money.

The fundamental reason that really causes digital currencies and blockchains to fall into the strange development circle is not just making money, but people see making money as all of digital currencies and blockchains. In fact, even if it is not digital currency and blockchain, if it is replaced by other species, once it makes money as the whole, it will lose its value and meaning. Therefore, if you want to make the development of digital currency and blockchain out of the strange circle, the first thing to do is to find meaning outside of making money for digital currency and blockchain.

After continuous shuffling and adjustment, people gradually have a clear understanding of digital currency and blockchain. The so-called digital currency is just a special case of the application of blockchain technology. In addition, we can also find the possibility of more applications of blockchain technology. Even the originator of blockchain-Satoshi Nakamoto did not fail to say that digital currency is the only application of blockchain technology. Perhaps from this perspective, we misunderstood him.

Fortunately, people have a relatively clear and comprehensive understanding of blockchain. More and more people are beginning to devote themselves to the practice of the development and application of blockchain technology. The existence of making money as the sole goal has begun to have more connotations and meanings. Nevertheless, there is still a huge problem in the blockchain industry. The problem is that it is too cold and too few people understand it, so that it has been a niche.

When we re-understand the blockchain, it is not just to cut off the connection between it and digital currency, but more importantly to find a way for more people to understand it. Only when people really understand the blockchain can they find all the possibilities related to the blockchain technology. At that time, digital currency is no longer the only one of the blockchain. At this time, the blockchain is truly out of the shackles of digital currency and has truly entered a brand new era.

At least from the current development situation, the blockchain has not really jumped out of the shackles of digital currencies, because issuing coins or ICOs has always been a barrier that the blockchain can't always pass. Fortunately, after the rise of the blockchain to the national strategy, more and more players who cheated under the guise of the blockchain were made public, and people's understanding of the blockchain also became mature and rational. In addition, the adjustment and reshuffle of the blockchain industry is also no longer regulated by the market, and more with the intervention of the state and the government, the development of the blockchain industry has begun to move from the era of group magic to a distinct era.

More and more players have begun to focus their attention on the development and application of blockchain technology. Ali, Baidu, and Tencent are no different. Making money is no longer the sole role of the blockchain. Reconstruction and re-engineering allow more and more people to see the many possibilities of the blockchain in improving the operating efficiency of the industry and subverting the traditional development model. Blockchain has begun to appear in many fields such as food traceability, legal notarization, insurance, and finance. Those geeks who are determined on the technical positioning of the blockchain have begun to run wildly in the development of blockchain technology, so people began to jump out of the "circle" defined by Satoshi Nakamoto for the blockchain, and in this " A larger world was discovered outside the circle.

At present, the blockchain has become a weapon for people to deploy the industrial Internet. Those pain points and problems that seem to be unsolvable under the Internet are now being solved in the face of the blockchain scalpel. Blockchain is opening up a new model for people to think about traditional industries and even the Internet industry. A new era focusing on blockchain technology is coming. It is foreseeable that with the continuous maturity and improvement of blockchain technology, the split between digital currency and blockchain will become an inevitable, and a new era of more diverse and comprehensive development is slowly opening up.

Nevertheless, we will still see many bubbles in the blockchain market. Those who are trying to use the blockchain to realize the dream of getting rich are still reluctant to withdraw from the stage of history. Therefore, the regulation of the blockchain market has begun to change. It has to be long-term and continuous, even after the blockchain rises to the national strategy, this momentum shows no sign of abating. This is a necessity. In my opinion, only when the blockchain and digital currency thoroughly clarify the relationship between them and making money, can the development bubble of the blockchain industry be completely squeezed out.

What needs to be clear is that the realization of the blockchain needs to form a complete and feasible business model, and it must be able to bring optimization and improvement to the development of the industry, so as to form a set of effective operating models. The so-called direct binding of the blockchain and digital currency, or even the digital currency as the only blockchain, to achieve profit by the savage harvest of leek, will inevitably bring the development of the blockchain industry into the To the dead end.

Only the real starting point of the development and innovation of the blockchain technology, and the transfer of the profitability of the blockchain from the harvest of leek, to really find more profitable points from the improvement of the efficiency of the B-side industry. Development is considered to have found the right development track.

When we turn around and re-examine Satoshi Nakamoto, it seems we can understand his original intention of cutting into the blockchain from digital currency. In so many blockchain application scenarios, digital currency may be the most direct and effective way. Because of this, we will ignore more and more disruptive applications about blockchain. When the whole world can't understand Satoshi Nakamoto, maybe it's just that he didn't understand Satoshi in the right way. Perhaps, Satoshi Nakamoto chose to use digital currency to explain the blockchain to people. This is the most direct and effective way. However, digital currency is not the only way, everything is just the beginning.

When Satoshi Nakamoto typed the first line of code, he probably didn't expect to have such a big impact on future generations.

In fact, it wasn't Satoshi Nakamoto that misled people, but people misunderstood Satoshi Nakamoto. Because from the day Bitcoin was born, it was Bitcoin itself, not the blockchain.

Perhaps the misunderstanding of blockchain has begun from the day people misunderstood Satoshi Nakamoto.