Is it worth it to spend money on classes? To calculate an economic account

Recently, affected by the epidemic, online courses have shown a concentrated outbreak. From economics to humanities, from art to health, almost every sub-sector has a corresponding course.

I don't know if everyone has found that the more the industry is at the forefront of the times, the higher the price of its courses. why? Because the accumulation of experience in emerging industries is far from that of traditional industries, and there is less and less content that can be refined into knowledge, so "things are rare and precious."

Some of these online courses are free and some are paid. The charging standards are quite different, "No 999, only 399; No 399, only 9.9", various fancy marketing words put the user into a slap.

Taking the recent "Blockchain Industry Class" launched by Babbitt as an example, the price of 199 yuan has made many friends distressed and slightly awkward.

Some people think that blockchain is an emerging industry. Moreover, the lecturers are experts from the front line, the content is definitely dry, and more benefits can be gained by participating in the course promotion. It is simply not too cost-effective. Some people do not agree. Is it not good for me to save the money to buy a video site member? Isn't it fragrant to keep your girlfriend for dinner?

Today, from the perspective of the user, we can calculate the cost of class. It is not worth it.

Knock on the blackboard:

The value of buying lessons is nothing more than the cost of time and money . The time cost here refers to whether the gains from doing other things in the same period of time are higher than the gains of buying lessons.

Taking the most common office worker as an example, assuming that the average monthly salary of an office worker is 8,000 yuan, working 8 hours a day, and 22 days of work per month, then the hourly salary of his standard working day is 8000/8/22 = 45.5 yuan.

Let's also assume that the office worker uses the time that he originally worked overtime at night to class. According to the calculation method of overtime pay stipulated by the state, the normal overtime pay at night is 150% of his salary, so the overtime pay is 45.5✖️150% = 68.25 yuan (Although not everyone has overtime pay), this is the time cost of class.

Then the cost of money, this is straightforward. Take the example of the second period of "Blockchain and Finance Study Week" from Babbitt Industry Class, the original price is 399, the current price is 199, so the average cost of money per hour is 199/5 / 2 = 19.9 yuan.

In summary, the total cost of time and money, the total cost of the student user to participate in the second phase of the Babbitt Industrial Course is : 68.25 + 19.9 = 88.15 (yuan / hour).

We know that online courses are not popped up from the Internet, but are the result of the collaboration of lecturers, technology platforms and operation platforms. What can the student users invest in these costs in exchange for? It's the lecturer's time!

Lecturers in the second phase include Zhang Li, vice president of Canaan Technology, Huang Lingbo, partner of distributed capital, Tao Rongqi, founder of X-Order, Cai Yan, managing director of NGC Ventures, and Song Shuangjie, founder of Tongtongtong Research Institute.

These lecturers are the top 5% of China's blockchain industry, and have strong professional capabilities and industry authority. The conservative estimate is that the average monthly salary is 100,000 yuan, and the time cost of their class is 100,000✖️150% / 8/22 = 852.3 yuan / hour

By comparison, the cost that students need to spend is 88.15 yuan / hour, which is about one-tenth of the teacher's time cost. In other words, the students spent two hours in the classroom to buy the teacher, and the actual value of these two hours was 10 times the cost they paid.

It is worth noting that there is also a facilitator rule for the second course. What does that mean? That is, after you purchase this course, if you share the course with others, and other people purchase this course through your sharing, you can get a commission from it.

The rules are as follows:


It is not difficult to calculate, as long as 4 people directly purchase courses through your sharing, you can not only get back the books, but also earn an extra 39.8 yuan. Calculation method: 4✖️199✖️30% -199 = 39.8 yuan

In addition, there are benefits for veteran members, and veteran students will receive a 30% discount coupon for the new course. After the course, Babbitt will select "Publicity TOP 3" and "Learning TOP 3" and give away a free course. Click: Course Activity Rules

Every unique thing in the world is exchanged with a lot of sweat and hard work, such as a smooth live broadcast course.

From the course planning, to the production and preparation of PPT, to the on-site play, and finally to the after-school review, a logically clear, dry-filled course requires repeated polishing.

In fact, the blockchain industry is not short of knowledge, what is really lacking is consensus! Only when everyone recognizes the value of blockchain technology and believes that it is a tool to promote social progress, can society be more open and fair.

The significance of paid courses lies in the guidance of professionals to expand their horizons, improve awareness and understanding of the blockchain , and thus enhance consensus on the blockchain.

I wish you something in this learning journey!