Exploring New Directions for Transformation 8 Listed Companies Refinancing "Patronizing" Blockchain

Source: Securities Daily

Trainee reporter Yu Junyi

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, cloud office, digitization, and blockchain have become fiery transformation directions. Many companies are looking for transformation opportunities and have started a new layout.

According to the statistics of the mutual chain pulse, since February 17th, the refinancing schemes of 8 listed companies have involved the blockchain. The refinancing of these companies involves the application of blockchain technology in the fields of healthcare, banking and finance, energy, blockchain technology platforms for alliance chains, and sports lottery.

Zheng Lei, director of the Digital Economy Research Centre of the Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute, said in an interview with the Securities Daily: "I think after the epidemic, we will establish a comprehensive digital social governance system, especially in smart cities and new infrastructure. Blockchain may be implanted as a major technology, and investment in this area will continue to increase in the future. "

8 listed companies

Refinancing goes to blockchain

In 2003, the SARS epidemic accelerated the process of Internet popularization and commercialization. That year, it catalyzed Internet companies such as Taobao, JD.com, NetEase, Sohu, and Sina to achieve their first full-year profit since listing, and the stock price was on the fast track to growth.

Under the impact of this year's epidemic, many companies have been forced to launch "cloud" businesses and develop online business. Digital economy and blockchain technology have become increasingly important.

At this time, some listed companies used the application of blockchain technology as a refinancing solution.

Previously, there was no pure blockchain IPO in the A-share market. As more and more refinancing involves blockchain, China's capital market has paid more attention to blockchain.

According to a reporter from the Securities Daily, the eight listed companies involved in the current refinancing plan involving the blockchain are China Sports Corp., Chuangchuang Healthcare, Venture Wellcome, Kelan Software, Langxin Technology, Alto Electronics, and Hengshi Technology. Geer Software.

Among them, the projects involving the two companies of Si Chuang Medical Hui and Venture Wellcome are mainly in the medical direction. Specifically, the refinancing project of Chuangyihui is mainly to promote the deep integration of smart medical and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain. Venture Capital's refinancing project is to reserve blockchain technology for smart medical projects. In January this year, Venture Wellcome released a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment solution based on blockchain 3.0.

The main directions of the blockchain refinancing projects of the two companies, Kelan Software and Alto Electronics, are applications in the banking and financial fields. Specifically, Lanke Software has repeatedly mentioned in the report that the construction of smart banks on blockchain need. Alto Electronics' refinancing project is mainly to invest in improving the intelligent integration capabilities of smart outlets. It said that it will help customers in the banking and financial fields to improve business efficiency and tap value through blockchain technology.

The projects involving the two companies of Langxin Technology and Hengshi Technology related to the blockchain are mainly in the energy direction. The refinancing project of Langxin Technology is mainly used to build Langxin Cloud with blockchain services, and Langxin Cloud is to provide Internet of Things services for electric energy. The refinancing project of Hengshi Technology is to make four projects including smart energy-based IoT application projects, among which the necessary reserves for blockchain technology must be made.

Geer software refinancing project is to invest in "the next generation of digital trust product research and development and industrialization projects". It intends to develop an independently controllable blockchain technology platform for the alliance chain to create a blockchain password support environment and block. Chain application development and implementation system.

It is worth noting that the refinancing project of China Sports is aimed at the combination of sports lottery technology and blockchain technology. In cooperation with the Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Sports Co., Ltd. launched a pre-research on the sports lottery voucher blockchain application.

Investors should be wary

Listed company "Chain on the car"

Hu Jianing, President of Huobi University and Vice Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, said that since this year, new formats and new organization methods such as new retail, remote office, and online collaboration have taken the lead in large-scale use. More and more human bodies will realize the efficiency and convenience of remote online collaboration. To this end, many companies have also begun to adjust processes and organizational structures to suit them. From a historical perspective, the epidemic of new crown pneumonia is likely to be a historical "inflection point" for the transformation and upgrading of many industries.

Zheng Lei told a reporter of the Securities Daily: "The application of blockchain technology in the real economy has gradually entered a good situation since November last year. In terms of lower frequency applications, the existing technology of blockchain can already be compared with the traditional Business integration, such as finance, logistics, agriculture, food and other industries, there are companies in the medical field are trying. "

It is worth noting that since the second half of last year, blockchain technology began to receive frequent attention, and many listed companies were considered suspected of being on the chain. For example, in October of last year, with the frequent appearance of the word "blockchain", the camp of blockchain concept stocks continued to expand, and there were more and more listed companies on the chain. When the blockchain caused the stock price to rise too quickly, many listed companies wearing concept stock hats issued risk warnings to remind investors to pay attention to the risk of overheating stock prices.

Wang Jiaping, a former researcher at Microsoft Research, told a reporter of the Securities Daily, "Now, before any technology is adopted, it will be difficult to recover R & D costs until it reaches a certain scale, so blockchain technology is also Similarly, it is almost impossible to make a real profit before large-scale application. "