Outbreak of ruthless people: Blockchain enthusiasts in action

BKS donated RMB 637,700 to the China Red Cross Foundation.

At the time of the switch between pigs and rats, a severe epidemic caused by a sudden coronavirus affects the hearts of billions of people. As of now, the global epidemic is still increasing. The so-called one is in trouble, and the eight parties come to help. Both the development of the epidemic situation and the front line of the epidemic have attracted much attention. In the face of the epidemic, our government has made key decisions in extraordinary times. Comrades at home and abroad have ravaged their enemies and have shown their attitude and determination to overcome the epidemic with actual actions. At the same time, the international community has also responded, and various organizations, institutions, and caring people have reached out to help.

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Heaven and earth are kind, but there is love on earth. The Barkis Foundation in Singapore called on Barkis Ecology organizations to show their love and held the online "Barkis Global Charity Live Music Evening" on February 28, 2020. At the meeting, the co-founder of the Singapore Barkis Foundation and the director of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the China Mobile Communications Federation visited the live broadcast room. At the same time, popular singers such as Shun Qierjie, Yue Xi and other Chinese musicians were invited to sing live. Invite more Barkis eco-users and caring people around the world in a non-meeting online manner, and contribute their modest contributions to this disaster.

After the charity live broadcast, the foundation counted detailed charitable funds under the notarization as soon as possible. The live broadcast of this live broadcast was rewarded: a total of 1579 gifts, a total of 13620.4 yuan, plus the 630,100 yuan donated by the foundation and various community organizations, a total of 643,720.4 yuan donations. The money has been donated to the China Red Cross Foundation in public for a project to fight a new type of coronavirus pneumonia.

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In October 2018, the Barkis Foundation joined hands with Singapore, Japan, Ukraine, China and Taiwan and other international top blockchain technology teams and many strategic resources to jointly incubate Barkis' ultra-high-speed distributed commercial value public chain network and ecosystem construction. As one of the Barkis ecological community organizations, the foundation plays important functions such as fund supervision and international strategic resource integration. The Foundation hopes to use blockchain technology to solve the difficulties that traditional commerce cannot solve at this stage through distributed commerce.

Outbreak of ruthless people: Blockchain enthusiasts in action

The Barkis Foundation's benevolence under special epidemics also hopes that people in various industries will see that blockchain practitioners are not technical otakus, and the three words of blockchain are not just cold high-tech. The blockchain industry is also caring and impersonal. Like all industries, it is concerned about the development of the epidemic and is eager to do its utmost in a difficult period.