In-depth analysis of the Asian Exchange TACU, how to stay strong in extreme markets

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been hit hard. Bitcoin prices have leaked from a maximum of $ 10,500 to around $ 4,500, a drop of more than 55%, and the entire cryptocurrency market value has evaporated by more than $ 100 billion. However, even under such extreme conditions, the TAC price of the Asian Exchange platform currency is still standing, hardly affected by market fluctuations, and the currency price remains above 10 yuan.

In-depth analysis of the Asian Exchange TACU, how to stay strong in extreme markets

The Asian Exchange's platform currency TAC is so strong, and has very close relations with the strength of the Asian Exchange, platform currency strategy, and community management.

After two years of ploughing, the Asian Stock Exchange has already established a foothold

The Asian Exchange was founded in November 2017 by Asia Digital Assets Trading Co., Ltd., co-founded by His Royal Highness The Royal Family, Sirin Rongsong of Thailand, and a world-class accounting firm. As a cryptocurrency exchange with royal lineage endorsement, the Asian Stock Exchange has been deeply involved in the industry for more than two years and has achieved great results.

Take the platform trading volume as an example. In the two years since the launch, the average daily trading volume of the Asian Exchange has reached 150 million TAC with a turnover of 1.5 billion yuan.

TACU is the English abbreviation of the Asian Exchange. TAC refers to the platform currency of the Asian Exchange. ACU is a 1: 1 exchange of offshore RMB. Pay attention to distinguish the three names.

Among them, the daily average transaction volume of BTC is close to 4,000, the average daily transaction volume of BCH is nearly 70,000, the average daily transaction volume of LTC exceeds 200,000, and the average daily ETH volume is over 90,000.

The reason why the Asian Stock Exchange can achieve such results in just two years is because the Asian Stock Exchange has always adhered to the business philosophy of fairness first, safety first, efficient opening, and customer service.

The Asian Stock Exchange advocates fairness first and proposes the vision of "fair treatment of every order". The exchange quotes are connected with the data of the top domestic and foreign exchanges in real time to ensure the accuracy of the transaction prices and to eliminate the "probe" phenomenon under extreme market conditions.

For example, in recent extreme market conditions, the Grin price of an exchange has almost "returned to zero." The reason is that the exchange is not professional enough in price control.

As a security guarantor, the Asian Stock Exchange has achieved "zero coin loss" since its establishment. On the one hand, it cooperates with the industry's top security agencies to conduct a large number of audits and penetration tests on the code to ensure the security of user account assets and information. On the other hand, the Asian Exchange uses a layered deterministic cold wallet and offline signature technology, which eliminates the possibility of hackers to obtain private keys.

For another example, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit suffered from four stolen incidents in two years due to the backwardness of its wallet management mechanism, causing heavy losses and fame. And Asian Exchange traders do not need to worry about security at all.

As an efficient advocate, the Asian Exchange has achieved "zero downtime" since its establishment. The Asian Stock Exchange can achieve a single thread of 100,000+ per second, so that the Asian Stock Exchange has not been down to maintenance so far, and hot updates throughout the process, even if the big market comes, it will not be affected by the downtime. At the same time, the exchange provides a rich and secure external API interface to support high-frequency matching transactions.

As a humanized trading platform, the Asian Exchange has achieved "7 * 24 hours of manual customer service", plus a series of easy-to-understand teachings suitable for all investors, so that investors in the initial trading can quickly get started and master trading tips.

Protected by these strategies, traders have given a lot of praise.

"The Asian Exchange's trading is extremely smooth, which makes people overjoyed," said Lao Tan, a senior trader in the currency industry. "Every time the customer service sister is very enthusiastic, I have never seen such a professional." Cryptocurrency quantitative traders said. Yifang, an ashes trader of the Asian Exchange, believes that "an anxiety will produce moths every year, which can scare people to death, but I am most assured of the safety of the Asian Exchange, and coins are stored on the platform."

Under the escort of these strategies, the Asian Exchange has already established a strong foothold in the currency circle and has worked hard for the platform currency.

Platform currency TAC, development status and economic blueprint

Since the market opened in early April 2019, the TAC of the Asian-Asian Exchange's platform has risen from a minimum of about 0.03 yuan to more than 10 yuan.

At present, the TAC price remains above 10 yuan. In the recent fierce decline in the cryptocurrency market, the TAC price of the Asian Exchange's platform currency has always remained firm, with a slight increase of about 3%.

"It is really a warm current in the slump of winter." Xiaolan, a senior cryptocurrency investor, commented on TAC. It is true that it is not easy to have such a bright performance in such a dismal performance of the cryptocurrency market.

Looking back on 2019, the outbreak of platform coins and exchanges are quite a lot, but most of these skyrocketing platform coins have been blown away by a gust of wind, and they have plummeted after the skyrocketing. The environment of the exchange industry has really gone up, and there is no crazy decline. TAC should be counted as one.

The Asian Exchange's platform currency TAC, the English full name is "Token of Asian Currency", that is, "Asian Currency Token", the Chinese name is "Long Teng Coin", is the proof of equity of the TACU Asian Stock Exchange, the total issued amount of 5 billion, the initial issue price 0.067ACU, the current market circulation is 300 million, and will never be issued again.

TAC is currently a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on Ethereum. In the future, it will become a digital asset on the TAC public chain.

The Asian Exchange's platform currency application has also made great efforts, and has been applied to many scenes inside the TACU Asian Exchange.

Including: (1) using TAC to deduct the transaction fee of TACU Asian Exchange, up to 50% discount; (2) using TAC to snap up high-quality digital assets at a more favorable price; (3) in addition to participating in TACU with TAC The ASEAN Community Governance Equity System will be officially launched in 2020; (4) In the future, with the launch of ACU, people can use TAC in more than 100 countries, including offline micropayments, online game payments, E-commerce payment, financial management, people's livelihood payment, charity and other fields.

In the recent “Executive Test of New System for All Members” event organized by the Asian Exchange, all members of the Asian Exchanges enjoyed the internal test of the new system and were able to participate in the risk-free competition to win the 28888ACU award. The Asian Exchange gave out more than 60,000 ACUs for more than 150 participants, valued at RMB 60,000. And such activities have almost every month, the Asian Exchange has won an excellent reputation for the Asian Exchange.

Of course, the ASEAN foothold is also inseparable from the prosperity of the community.

ASX community, the backbone of exchange development

At present, the number of people in the ASEAN community exceeds 20,000, and it is increasing at a rate of 2.5% every day.

The community activities ensure the rapid growth of the community. The community activities are 2-3 times a week and the platform activities are 1-2 times a week. The activity forms include platform knowledge quiz, coin guessing, friend circle retweet like ranking, etc. The reward situation is red envelope or platform ACU.

The community selects more professional and enthusiastic loyal users from the users as community volunteers, assists the community operations daily to answer user questions, daily platform dynamic broadcasts, organize activities, and maintain community order. The community encourages volunteers to increase user activity and user stickiness in accordance with the evaluation system, and encourages volunteers to tap the community's leaders in writing, speaking, professors, etc., and reserve talents for the future community and blockchain college.

I personally experience the community activities and believe that the community form of the ASX has at least three advantages.

First, community activities help exchange users grow . For example, Xiaotian, a community user, shared the process of participating in community activities, pulling a lot of money for the exchange, and getting rich rewards.

Xiaotian indicated that I had promoted 65 members in a single day of the double 11 day, and each member returned 119.7ACU, and returned a total of 7780.5ACU to me. And the members I successfully promoted invited a total of 260 members, and these 260 members became my second level. Each second-level member of the platform gave a rebate of 19.95ACU, a total of 5187ACU. Although the platform does not have a three-level or four-level rebate system, I also got a total of 12967.5ACU rebate. Compared to my rebate, those airdrops are simply "nine cows and one hair".

In other words, only Xiaotian brought 325 trading users to the platform. At the moment when the exchange was vigorously fighting, it was able to achieve such results, and the community operation contributed.

Second, it helps exchange autonomy . In fact, "decentralized" community governance is itself the established policy of the Asian Exchange. By giving rich feedback to ecological participants, it stimulates the enthusiasm of users to participate in ecological construction. TACU aims to achieve greater community autonomy, co-construction and sharing, and more individuals and organizations that want to contribute to the ecological construction of TACU to build the world's top blockchain trading platform.

Autonomy is also the core of the spirit of the blockchain. The spirit of autonomy has played a huge role in enabling Bitcoin to operate so healthy for more than 10 years. Bitcoin is a real case of large-scale self-government of individuals, organizations, and society, all of which rely on Bitcoin's autonomy. The ASEAN autonomy is of great significance.

Finally, from the perspective of the development trend of cryptocurrency trading, there are three necessary stages for the development of cryptocurrency exchanges: centralization-community autonomy-decentralization . At present, the disadvantages of the development of centralized exchanges for many years have appeared, such as running roads, and pinning of contract exchanges. Decentralized technologies still have bottlenecks and cannot support large-scale commercial applications. Therefore, at present, community-based exchanges are an inevitable choice.

Therefore, as a global cryptocurrency exchange, the Asian Exchange has a long way to go. The reason behind the phenomenon that the platform currency TAC has been online for more than 300 times in more than a year is worth pondering. Do not open the correctness of the operating strategy of the exchange.

There is reason to believe that as the crypto market matures in the future, the Asian Exchange will certainly shine. At that time, the platform currency TAC will inevitably "go to the next level".