Viewpoint | Blockchain is the source of power for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, empowering the Industrial Internet to build a new space for the digital economy

Source of this article: People's Post and Telegraph , the original title " Blockchain empowers the Industrial Internet"

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"After the major epidemic, people ’s survival, living and production methods will undergo permanent and profound changes. Digital transformation has become the 'necessary way' for the survival and development of people and businesses. Blockchain-based industrial Internet infrastructure, It will be able to build a new space for multi-party co-governance, fair and credible, intelligent operation of the digital economy. "Jin Jian, Director of the Institute of Industrial Internet and Internet of Things, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, recently in a charity live broadcast hosted by Shanghai Blockchain Technology Research Center This view was published. He introduced the application logic of the blockchain and the Industrial Internet as a new type of infrastructure, and proposed that the technical advantages of the blockchain should be the key to the development of the new type of infrastructure of the Industrial Internet, and be implemented as soon as possible for applications in different industrial fields and scenarios.

Industrial Internet development speeds up

The new generation of information technology is deeply integrated with the manufacturing industry. The Industrial Internet has become an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution under the background of the convergence of the scientific and technological revolution and the new industrial revolution. Jin Jian believes that at present, rapid perception, agile response, dynamic optimization, and global intelligence are the issues that must be faced in the field of industrial and pan-industrial production. This epidemic has verified these needs and ideas. For the development of industrial enterprises and industries, the Industrial Internet brings comprehensive changes in production methods and management models, and changes in the ecosystem from a point to a network.

Jin Jian introduced that the Industrial Internet has developed rapidly in recent years, and the policy system from the central government to the local government has been constantly improved, and new models have emerged. The Industrial Internet industry system has been initially established. Networks, platforms, security, intelligent equipment, industrial automation and edge computing, industrial software and apps have gradually become the six core areas of the Industrial Internet, and the industry is showing steady growth.

The construction of the Industrial Internet logo analysis system has accelerated, the relevant software and hardware systems have continued to improve, and infrastructure construction has begun to take shape. Leading companies have accelerated their exploration of industrial applications. As of now, the top nodes of the five major countries have been online to achieve interconnection and interoperability; 47 secondary nodes have been deployed and covered 20 industries; and a total of 1059 enterprise nodes have been accessed. The total number of industrial Internet logo registrations exceeds 2.5 billion, and the country's top nodes have an average daily resolution of 1 million times. Logos are widely used in enterprise supply chain management, product traceability, and full lifecycle management scenarios.

Blockchain is the source of power for the fourth industrial revolution

The application of blockchain technology will make the connected world more orderly and efficient. Jinjian believes that at present, the application scope of alliance chains or license-based public chains is increasing, the digital capabilities of assets continue to increase, and the 5G-driven terminal connection capabilities are getting stronger and stronger, which will further promote the rapid implementation of blockchain technology. In the long run, the concept and technology of the blockchain will be further integrated with new digital economic infrastructures such as 5G, industrial Internet, digital currency, digital identity, and become a "common technology" to promote the development of the digital economy.

From the perspective of the industry, the scale of the industrial Internet connection will become larger, and end-to-end connections and transactions will become more frequent. The need to upload data between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through the blockchain will help achieve core intra-ecological sharing, industrial Mutual trust sharing between enterprises, value sharing between industrial Internet platforms, and the use of blockchain technology to provide corresponding solutions to challenges such as production collaboration, industrial security, information sharing, resource integration, and flexible supervision encountered in the promotion of industrial "networked production" .

In view of the future role of the blockchain in the social governance system triggered by the epidemic, Golden Key explained: Using the blockchain's consensus mechanism, an open epidemic data reporting system can be constructed, and smart contracts can be used to achieve multiple simultaneous reporting The new model of global confirmation by multiple parties ensures accurate, timely and transparent epidemic data, thereby providing better protection for epidemic prevention and control and social supervision.

"Blockchain ﹢ Industrial Internet" to build a new space for digital economy

New infrastructure is the key to advancing the development of the digital economy and hedging the impact of the epidemic. In the future, the state will further increase investment in new infrastructure, which will further promote the vigorous development of China's emerging manufacturing and service industries.

Why use blockchain to build a new type of infrastructure for the digital economy? Golden Key gave the answer: On the one hand, the blockchain is a key technology that can truly meet the needs of the development of the digital economy. The new infrastructure based on the blockchain will use digital twin access for data confirmation and trusted shared transactions to promote supply and demand. Equilibrium and lower marginal cost realize intelligent operation, realize value link through data flow and machine exchange, and realize flexible and elastic generation and supply mode. On the other hand, blockchain is a common technology with the strength to promote industrial economic value. Blockchain technology empowers technologies, industries, models, industries, application service capabilities for easy access to the Internet, distributed identification and unified identification capabilities, 5G wide-range communication connection capabilities, and "smart + "On-demand knowledge-derived capability coupling. Finally, the blockchain is also a breakthrough for China to implement independent innovation, because it is necessary to attach importance to the basic technology of the blockchain rather than the application of the blockchain to achieve the leading development of the blockchain.

Jinjian believes that the new infrastructure based on blockchain is a development trend and can empower other new infrastructure such as domain names, logos, fiat currencies, electricity, 5G, etc., and jointly promote the development of the digital economy and the construction of a network power. With the support of blockchain infrastructure, a new digital economy space with multi-party co-governance, fairness, credibility, and intelligent operation will be established in the future.