Report: In April, the trading volume ranking of the exchange and the ETH and ERC20 token balance rankings were larger or worse, or there was fraud.

A recent report by ViewBase shows that the top three cryptocurrency exchanges in the first 30 days of May 1 were Bitmax ($114.5 billion), FCoin ($8.9 billion) and OKEx ($40.3 billion). ), the currency is ranked fourth with $34.1 billion. The report also pointed out that there may be cases where the trading volume is fraudulent. Therefore, the report also lists other rankings in the same period, among which the top three exchanges of ETH balance are: Kraken (2933073 ETH), coin security (2539664 ETH) and Bittrex (1431144 ETH), you can see that this Rankings and trading volume rank great. In addition, the top three ERC20 token balances (converted to US dollars) are: Coin ($3,241.7 million), Fire ($27,736 million) and Bittrex ($402.4 million), which are also significantly different from trading volume. The report analyzes the situation and gives reasons for speculation, including algorithmic trading robots, lack of user trust, cleaning transactions, and complete fabrication.