2020 China Blockchain Talent Development Report: The global market size will reach $ 13.96 billion, with SMEs as the main force for recruitment

Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. The original title was “ Release of Interchain Pulse and Announced the “ Research Report on the Development of China's Blockchain Talents in 2020 ''

In the afternoon of March 19th, under the guidance of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, the "Research Report on the Development of China's Blockchain Talents in 2020" jointly produced by Mutual Chain Pulse, Hunting and Employment was officially released.

After the "1024 speech", the blockchain industry is accelerating its "de-emergence to reality", and there is an increasing demand for blockchain professionals in various industries. But on the other hand, the imbalance between supply and demand in the field of blockchain talent is still increasing. In the demand-side market, despite the rapid increase in job seekers, very few talents truly meet the job requirements of recruiting companies, and the serious lack of high-end professional talents is becoming one of the constraints that restrict the development of the industry. In the supply-side market, a large number of practitioners blindly follow the trend, their professional skills are weak, and there is a serious shortage of practical compound talents.

This report will discuss the current status and future development trend of the blockchain talent supply and demand market from the dimensions of talent demand side, supply side, salary changes, and talent mobility.

The following is the full text of the Blockchain Talent Report.

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