Wu Jihan, founder of Bitmain: S19 can dig for 3-4 years in the slow bull market

On the evening of March 25th, at the B.TOP conference supported by the chain node live broadcast room, Bitmain founder Wu Jihan said in an interview that in the past, Bitmain has experienced ups and downs in technology research and development, focusing on customers. Well, when you are not doing well, you are often arrogant and self-centered. "After the arrogant factors are cleared, they are immediately ahead." Wu Jihan believes that in the slow cattle market, S19 can dig for 3-4 years. Regarding BCH, Wu Jihan said that he hoped that BCH could do well at the moment, realize the functions on the technology roadmap, keep the technology architecture simple, maintain the community as much as possible, minimize conflicts, and move forward together. The prospects are good. Regarding Matrixport, Wu Jihan said that data show that in the future, the number of cryptocurrency users will increase from 50 million to 500 million. Users will have new needs and changes, and more simple and easy to understand and convenient services will be required. Professionalization, Matrixport will be more grounded and closer to the needs of ordinary users.