Bitcoin Secret History: Who is Cobra who wants to change the Bitcoin white paper and consensus algorithm?

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Author: LucyCheng

On February 24, 2018, Bitcoin Core member Cobra issued an open letter on Twitter accusing Bitmain of controlling most of the Bitcoin network's computing power and affecting the latter's decentralized attributes.At the same time, it proposed to modify the PoW consensus mechanism to weaken Suggestions from Bitmain Powers.

Screenshot from: Cobra and Wu Jihan's Twitter

Once the tweet was published, it attracted Wu Jihan's ridicule and sarcasm, and many people questioned his intention to once again provoke political public opinion in the bitcoin field. However, these arguments are the same as before, and will soon disappear; because Cobra's speech to change this is not the first time, he even threatened to revise the Bitcoin white paper earlier. Cobra's ability to speak these rhetoric all depends on the website control of and Bitcointalk (shared with them).

Like them, Cobra's control of Bitcoin's major websites and its practice of disseminating conspiracy theory messages from time to time has made many in the community unhappy. Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong is one of them. He has supported Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Cash in several expansion disputes, leading to the delisting of its exchange from by Cobra. This incident happened for more than two months. Github also launched a proposal to expel Cobra from, and received responses from hundreds of users.

Screenshot from: Cobra's Twitter

But more than these controversies, this mysterious person is even more confusing because of his big change in attitude towards Bitcoin Cash. On April 1, 2018, Cobra sent a tweet on Twitter to support Bitcoin Cash. "This is a long way, but I finally recognized the true vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. BCH is Bitcoin"; more than one He tweeted again affirming its payment attributes after a month, "It seems as if I have returned to the old days of Bitcoin. Being so excited about Bitcoin Cash has almost made me feel guilty, but payment is very important, and Bitcoin Cash is in this application. Excellent. "

However, before that, Cobra's attitude towards BCH has always been quite harsh and exclusive, and even called it a tumor in the Bitcoin field-"BCH is a tumor in the Bitcoin community, and we need to cure it. It destroys the whole The balance of the system, stealing the brand name, is a very dangerous and hostile competitive currency. " Cobra's 180 ° big change in Bitcoin Cash is very puzzling. Even BCH supporters once doubted whether he was stolen or just joked with everyone on April Fool's Day.

Screenshot from: Reddit

Of course, these speculations cannot be confirmed, because like Satoshi Nakamoto, Cobra is also a well-known mysterious figure in the field. Many people have tried to find his true identity, and the most interesting speculation is that they and Cobra, who share the ownership of, are actually the same person, and tweeted with Cobra at the same time to modify the Bitcoin PoW algorithm. LukeJr is the real body of this mysterious character.

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