Dialogue | Community epidemic prevention on the chain, data security can be checked

By Wang Qiao

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The epidemic is still ongoing, and it is urgent to resume work and production. The crowd of people has brought pressure to the management of communities and other public places.

Community epidemic prevention has become a vital link.

However, the use of paper passes has exposed the shortcomings of public management. Informatization and digitization have really become a matter of discussion on paper, which was thoroughly revealed under the current examination of the epidemic.

In order to improve the efficiency of public management, we must go online first, and then go online. Community access is digitized and information is registered electronically. At the same time, the situation of the epidemic can be grasped in real time through big data analysis.

Introduce blockchain technology to prevent data fraud and protect user personal data privacy. In the future, blockchain will become more and more important in the process of social governance.

People's Daily has published a paper saying that blockchain can enhance the intelligent level of social governance, and relying on blockchain to establish cross-regional, cross-level, and cross-sectoral supervision mechanisms can reduce supervision costs. Blockchain can promote the refinement of social governance. By integrating basic information in economic, cultural, social, ecological and other aspects, and using big data for deep mining and interactive analysis, it improves the ability of real-time monitoring, dynamic analysis, accurate warning, and accurate disposal. . Blockchain will also promote the rule of law in social governance, and in areas such as judicial enforcement, there is a broad space for deep integration with actual work.

On March 11, Gong Haihan, the founder of Zinc Link, invited the CEO of U-Chain Technology to host the 58th Zinc-Party Sharing Session, explaining "Blockchain allows society to resume work and production with peace of mind".

Zinc Link: What are the advantages of using the blockchain for community epidemic prevention? What is the real value of blockchain in it?

Luo Xiao:

With the development of the epidemic situation, various regions have introduced a variety of epidemic prevention requirements, such as entering and exiting to measure body temperature and going out every two days. However, traditional paper registration and pass cards are difficult to meet the needs of epidemic prevention. Even ordinary electronic registration tools can hardly guarantee user privacy and form a comprehensive and dynamic management centered on the government.

The blockchain version of the smart epidemic prevention platform is mainly reflected in terms of security, privacy protection and trusted data:

1) Based on blockchain technology to create a more reliable blockchain pass than the Internet, safe and reliable, reducing the workload by 50% compared to paper, and cannot be counterfeited. At the same time, all data such as access records are chained, making the access records credible and unable to go through the back door. The community / government based on this application forms a distributed same ledger, forms a credible big data system, can be quickly verified anytime, anywhere, and truly achieves precise positioning.

2) Based on the privacy protection features of the blockchain, the leakage of private data of residents' privacy can be avoided. At the same time, the news and behavior data published by the manager can be chained to create a more complete portrait of the authenticity of the character, which is convenient for the manager to make decisions and deploy epidemic prevention and control work.

3) Based on the analysis of trusted data by the blockchain, the application will provide real-time floating population maps of each community, so that individual users can also obtain the latest dynamic news of the epidemic in their area.

Zinc Link: Compared with other similar platforms, what are the characteristics and differences of blockchain epidemic prevention platforms?

Luo Xiao:

Compared with Alibaba Health Code and Tencent products, the access is easy to deploy. It can be directly embedded with mini programs or H5 on WeChat menu bar, free trial, free upgrade, suitable for multiple places, using blockchain technology, iterating according to actual needs, etc.

In addition, all user data is transmitted using SSL encryption, which is stored separately from other data at the network level. In addition to government requirements, sensitive data is fully desensitized and displayed. Data illegal access will be stored in real time by the blockchain, and data security will reach the bank level.

In addition, these platforms are obviously shoplifters, and the first step to use is very high. In addition, users need to purchase to use advanced features.

The challenge of each epidemic prevention platform is the problem of how to summarize, communicate, and share standards in each region. Different regions will use different solutions. For example, Ali may be used more in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and more used in inland cities. It is based on such considerations that access is used to ensure the rapid circulation of data.

Based on the blockchain technology, a data exchange similar to a "safe house" can be created, and the data query needs can be met without exposing all the data.

Zinc link: How to ensure the authenticity of the source of the epidemic information filled by communities, enterprises, etc.? What verification methods are available?

Luo Xiao:

The access control smart epidemic prevention platform adopts the linkage of community, enterprise and government to solve the problem of information verification. We will cooperate with the operators and use the data interfaces provided by them to implement query verification of user paths.

The resumption of business needs to be declared on the platform, and the government back office will make a white list of enterprise declaration and user registration.

Secondly, users will also register when entering and leaving the community, and the trip will be recorded securely, and relevant government departments can check the data in the background.

When returning workers enter and exit the company building to register, they will perform a white list match. If the white list match is not performed, a safety prompt will appear, and a danger alert will be triggered directly.

Zinc Link: After the epidemic, what role can the blockchain play in the government's normalized information management?

Luo Xiao:

After the epidemic is over, the mini-procedure for access is still of great social significance.

On the one hand, access can replace the access control of the traditional community by naked eyes or physical access cards, reduce the management cost of traditional community access cards, achieve "one yard of traffic", improve social security, and improve community management efficiency;

On the other hand, access can be used as an important tool for smart city management, and it can play a positive role in promoting smart city's smart property and floating population management. Access is also widely used in buildings and smart parks.

Access control can also combine IoT smart access control equipment, blockchain cloud services and other technologies to create a smart, data-reliable smart property data collection system, which can help government regulators understand the authentic and reliable records of urban personnel movements. Provide the underlying guarantee for the subsequent creation of a digital smart city.

Access control products combined with smart access control hardware and other technical means, by collecting data on the access of people in various urban areas, residential buildings, and hotels, and using the technical means of blockchain cloud services, ensure that the collected data is authentic, authentic, and tamper-proof. Help the government to implement reliable management of the security of the foreign population.

At the same time, when the city organizes large-scale events such as exhibitions and sports games, it can accurately understand the data of local migrants entering the city to improve the level of urban security control.