Report: From the performance of Q1 in 2019, XRP is not satisfactory this year.

TNW said in its latest release of the Ripple 2019 Q1 report that XRP is not going to start this year. XRP experienced a price change after the bull market in 2017, and it showed a trickle effect in the last quarter of 2018. The report said that XRP was one of the biggest winners in the bull market in 2017, but in the second half of 2018, XRP was forced to be included in the bearish range. The report shows that by December 2018, the XRP transaction price was $0.36, down 89% from the highest point in January of the same year. According to data from Q1 in 2019, XRP is not among the top performing cryptocurrencies in the top ten market capitalization because its price has never peaked as it did the previous year. XRP reached its peak price of $0.37 in the first quarter on January 2. The report further pointed out that the price of XRP in February this year was 0.32 US dollars, down 11% from the beginning of the year.