Suning Institute of Finance Senior Researcher: Blockchain has deeply affected traditional business logic in the market

According to Securities Daily, Fu Yifu, a senior researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, said in an interview that blockchain technology may play an important role in the applied digital technology. With the empowerment of the blockchain, producers, distributors, distributors, brands and consumers in the upstream and downstream of the entire supply chain will coexist in a decentralized platform ecosystem that can be obtained at any time and to the greatest extent Utilize real-time data from different sources to promote consumption stimulation, match supply and demand, sense and manage new market changes, and better meet consumer demand.

He also emphasized, "Not only that, the decentralized thinking of the blockchain will also involve consumers who were previously shielded from production and sales systems. Merchants will no longer just sell products and services to Consumers are as simple as designing, producing, creating, and innovating with consumers, which will also profoundly affect the traditional business logic and corporate infrastructure and basic architecture in the market. "