Media: Spending, malicious downtime, assistance with money laundering, secrets of virtual currency routines

On March 25th, the Beijing News published a paper entitled "Volume Sweeping, Malicious Downtime, Assisting Money Laundering, and Demystifying the Virtual Currency Routine." The article points out that in recent years, the speculation of virtual currency speculation has prevailed, and even under strong supervision, many exchanges are still committing crimes. According to the survey, the "Cutting Leek" routine of the virtual currency trading platform is frequent.

Routine 1: Abnormally high transaction volume, attracting customers to enter through fake transactions

Routine II: Malicious downtime forces leveraged trading to “crash” and manipulate the market

Routine 3: Use the characteristics of anonymization and decentralization of virtual currencies to launder money for criminals

Routine 4: The project party and the exchange are "family-like", with a team full-time "pull the disk"

Routine 5: New financing method goes online, pulls heads suspected of pyramid schemes

Routine 6: "Foreign Account" for Exchanges